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I know this subforum is for canon content, but until they make a general subforum for ALL fan content, I'm posting here.


Anyways, for nostalgic purposes, what is some interesting content (fan art, music, fanfiction, videos, etc.) from the early days of the brony fandom, when FIM was still new?


Here's probably the first ever FIM fanfic.


And here's the first PMV, from before the show ever aired, when all we had were preview clips. (Don't know how to embed videos, sorry.)


Any other interesting early content?

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These are my memories. I actually took screen caps and saved them. :hithere:


Hub World's first pony game, before the show debuted! I remember the music was so enchanting and pretty I let it play all night once while I slept. Photo dated October 2, 2010.



The various picture editing/creating "games" at Hub World, too



Excitement over learning Chrome had pony themes /skins384668_2741038804012_1244806929_n.jpg?ef


Designing a dress for the Canterlot Wedding at Hub World. You could design Cadence's dress, too, and build a wedding cake.



First pony personality test


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The earliest fan music that caught my attention were things put out in mid-2011 like Millennium Alone by Cyril and Fluttershy's Lament by All Levels At Once. The idea that talented musicians were taking time to create stuff like this, which I'd never heard before, exposed me to the surprising level of playfulness and emotional range of fan labors. It was these that got me into collecting brony filk. By the time Wooden Toaster's breakout hit Beyond Her Garden came along, I was already into the music scene. I remember getting pumped for all the hubbub surrounding JackleApp's debut ep Seasons as it tore up the charts on Bandcamp, setting a precedent for brony music in the indie retail space.

Sadly I think a lot of bronies who joined up in 2013 and beyond have never been exposed to classics like these as the community moved on, and remixes of older tracks (barring Discord and maybe the occasional Beyond Her Garden cover) stopped turning up on EQD.

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