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Hello all! I'm new to the forums and have been a Brony for over 5 or so years now. I'm happy to see EqD getting it's own forum!

Some of you on Skype and on EqD may know me by the name of Rave Blitz (I'm looking at you Calpain ;) ). As you can tell from my avatar and Cover photo, I'm a huge fan of Star Wars and am very well versed in the Lore. On said subject however, I have a few thoughts on the Current Canon as inticated in this video here, however the video itself isn't mine, it simply mirrors my opinion:


On the Subject of ponies however, I am proud to be a loving member of the Brony community, and hope to make many friends here.


May the Force Be With You!

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Hi, my name is I'veBeenCalledE but you can call me IBCE.

It's nice to see so many new faces here and I going to be great to stalk get to know you. I hope you enjoy the forms and all it has to offer.


How you like sand because we have a lot it here.


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