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Star Wars VS: Count Dooku vs Galen Marek/Starkiller

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On 9/12/2016 at 2:13 PM, Venom Snake said:

Galen is op as bucked , he would rekt doku 

Actually if you read the Novelizations of the Force Unleashed, Galen Marek isn't as OP as you think he is. The Video Games over-exaggerate his abilities which is why everyone in the Star Wars fandom thinks he's so powerful. But, I must stress..... that Galen Marek isn't a Great Swordmaster, and he only knows how to use his powers more easily and with more effectiveness. He is not a Great Swordmaster, but he is a THREAT to Great Swordmasters. As Jensaarai pointed out in the video, Galen would be no match for a duelist as skilled as Dooku, and Dooku can combat anything that Starkiller is bringing to the table and he employs the same rudimentary tactics as Galen does, this is evident in the Star Wars comics by Dark Horse. The Jedi of the Old days were enslaved to form, and they were very predictable in thier moves and abilities. Predictability is something that Dooku has overcome and he far outclasses Galen in terms of skill and Force Powers. Yes, Galen was trained to be a Powerhouse, a Weapon in the hands of his masters, but he was trained by Vader specifically to exploit predictability and when it comes to Dooku, he is NOT predictable. However, Marek isn't entirely helpless as if Dooku made a single mistake on his part, Galen would most certainly win. 

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