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Star Wars: Canon vs Legends! Which one do you prefer?

Star Wars: Canon vs Legends  

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  1. 1. Which Continuity do you prefer and why?

    • Current Star Wars Canon
    • Star Wars Legends Canon

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For me, I prefer the Legends Canon. This is mainly because it has such a rich and detailed universe spanning over 25,000 years and tons of awesome characters!!!

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Legends. Not to crap on Force Unleashed and its related materials, but too much awesome stuff happened in the old continuity for me to be happy about its de-canonization.

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Well I don't even know what's canon. So many stories that go into one and other stories that go into others. Like the story of The Emperor still being alive by resurrecting himself through the force and then he uses the force to manifest himself in someone else's body and has many clones. Stupid. I hated the story so dumb and ruins significance of the original trilogy.

However, there are many different stories for what happens after episode 6 it's hard to just say yes legends is better especially with the fact that the current canon is barely expansive. The other canon had over 40 years to get more and more stories. So it's not really even an argument which is better because one is already very expansive while the other is barely even a parsec XD oh wait that's not canon anymore oh wait yes it is but not the canon everyone wanted it to be.

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