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Charlie's Golf Game

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Wow that was actually pretty good. It is really a shame all the shit that has happened to Detroit wish the government would do something about it.

The appropriate question in response to this is: which government? The city of Detroit mostly falls under the jurisdiction of the state government.

The city's already filed for bankruptcy and gone through bankruptcy court to settle its financial situation and clear some debts, which is probably the closest it may ever come to federal, national assistance. So it's starting off on a fresh foot again. However the malignant problems of the city run too deep for that to fix it all. It needs to rebuild its image and its own brand and find a new industry or two to replace the automotive industry which built the city.

And it's not like there's no development land either, the city has as much empty land as Manhattan island is big. Much of that I think might be occupied by urban blight, but even that's being [slowly] addressed.

Our governor, Rick Snyder keeps talking about wanting to move more money to Detroit to help them out too. But at this point in the game state congress is getting tired of Detroit dominating the agenda. Especially when the whole state just wants our roads fixed.

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