Chicago Ted

Who Wants a Hat?

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I see you wanted a hat, dear reader. Why else did you click on that link?


Well, have I an offer for you.


I have in my inventory four Mayflower Cosmetic Cases, and I am willing to give up one of them for the low, low price of 21 ref.


What's that, you say? Too high a price? Well, suppose I throw in a Key to unlock it, then. Then all you need to do is unlock the crate with the key.


What might you get? See the list here. Any of these can be Strange or even Unusual. You never know. Nor will I. But it's all yours if you uncrate it.


Interested? Send me a trade offer. I'm mobile authenticated, and a very patient man if you're not.


UPDATE: Case and key are gone. Disregard this post.

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