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Copy and pasted from intro post:


Hello. Another descendant of PF2 here.


I'm fairly late on the PF2 transitional train, but no less I am here. I come from almost the very beginning of PF2's life (Having joined PF2 roughly a month after servers were created) and, well... As much as I feel like I don't communicate a lot with the people from there, it was always one of my homes, and I suppose a new home is mandatory due to PF2 being dead. Not so much a Brony anymore, as I've had little to no interest since roughly mid-season 4, but I've always enjoyed the community for the most part; Hence my transition.


In short, I am just cool guy who works two part-time jobs and will be turning 21 come this October. Eventually I will sum up the might to draw again and probably make an art thread here. Eventually. I've been hesitant for awhile now in getting back into it. I just really feel like I need something to do other than play games and feel that drawing may be the right choice, but am unsure of it.


Feel free to add me if you wish. My steam name is The Butt Rumbler. Same picture as my avatar.

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