Hell to Your Doorstep SFM Animation Project

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For those who have seen the animatic of Hell to Your Doorstep by Ink Potts, I've recently analyzed that there are 86 scenes in the animatic, with 57 scenes where the Count of Monte Cristo (Rainbow Dash or any other lead character) is singing.

I have put together a Microsoft Word document about this, but I can convert it to a Google Docs document if necessary. In other words, I really want to see this animatic as an SFM animation. I think that the best cover of this song to be used is VocalScorePony's cover of Hell to Your Doorstep, with his OC as the Count of Monte Cristo., with four OC's representing the enemies of the Count of Monte Cristo and eight backgroun characters for the "Women to be had everywhere".

It would be awesome if I can direct this animation, as well as try to contact Ink Potts, VocalScorePony, and any SFM animators who would be willing to put this awesome project together.

I would also like to point out that I won't be able to attend Bronycon this year, as I will have a job for the summer.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about this project. Also, please let me know where to post the scene directions as well.

Thank you and stay awesome.

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