Netburst Celeron

A Belated Introduction

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Hello, fellow forum folk!


I realized I'd been lurking about the forums for a few days now, welcoming newcomers, and I never even bothered to introduce myself.

My (user)name is Netburst Celeron. Why would I name myself after a terrible, sluggish, cache-starved, hot-running processor? I dunno, really. I guess I just like to give myself ridiculous names. Plus, I'm really slow like the netburst celerons were. So it's a fitting name.


I may be a newcomer to this forum, but I've actually been lurking around EQD since 2013. I just didn't comment much, and when I did, I used different names.

I've actually been watching MLP since early 2012, so I guess that makes me one of the older fans now. Like many other people, I became curious about the show when I started seeing pony avatars popping up all over the place. I remembered the MLP toys/show from my sister's childhood, and I wondered how they had changed it to appeal to adults. Eventually, I found the first episode on youtube. I watched it, and I got hooked after a few episodes.

As far as fandom contribution goes, I admit, I haven't done much of anything over these past few years. Once in a while, I'll do a little 3D modeling or sketching, but that's about it. I have been thinking about making some comics though.


Anyway, I guess I'll stop there. I'm really rather dull, so there isn't that much to know about me.



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Hello Netburst, nice to see you introducing yourself, I had indeed seen your name in other introductions and was wondering if I would see you here :happybonbon:

You know the drill:

If you have any questions regarding the place feel free to ask

Until then see you around

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Well......come? I have to admit that sometimes randomness can be pointless and dry, and other times it can be ironic and amusing. And you, my friend, have done the latter with both name and profile pic. :notbad::D And Sweetie does not at all look terrifying. She's as adorable as ever. :sweetieyes:

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Welcome to The-

Oh, wait. Uh... crap. You know, I don't really have another shtick, you know?

Er... Re-Welcome to The Family?

Yeah! Welcome! But this time formally, with a nice looking Sweetie Belle on the side too!

I honestly don't know what you are talking about man, that thing looks sweet! Pun not but still intended because the heavens have smiled down upon me

Anyways! Uh... happy... time in The Family!

Yeah... that's a good one...

PS. Lunar loves ya!

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