Overmare Studios talks: Hardcore Survival Mechanics

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Overmare Studios - the group behind the Fallout: Equestria video game - has decided to talk more about its Hardcore mode mechanics.





Welcome to another one of our Hardcore Mechanics posts! This time we will be focusing on three systems: Hunger-Thirst-Sleep, Diseases, and Temperature.


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I'm definitely tickled!

Especially since (In my experience, at least) all the Fallout games were more explore-y and happy-go-lucky. They always did capture some of the hardships of the wastes, but it always kinda felt like "Hey, Boone, carry my toasters while I tend to some important business matters!" The older games fared a bit better with the atmosphere and general feel of everything. They felt bleaker and more "rough" than the Bethesda ones, but still couldn't quite capture what it would be like to live in such a paradise as THE WASTES.

New Vegas's hardcore mode was pretty nice, though. I wasn't carrying around 12 guns anymore, had to watch my ammo, manage thirst and hunger, it was pretty good! Fallout 4's hardcore mode was neat too, but I enjoyed the Cowboys and Romans a bit better when it came to that. And though it did a lot to come closer to an irradiated desert of not-okayness, hardcore mode was still missing a lot for me to actually feel like there was some sort of struggle in post-apocalyptic america. Though, thanks to mods, my New Vegas was hell! A happy hell, though! Still, the stories hit some high notes and jerked my feels about, and at times it felt pretty dark, but in the end: I'm a truck driver that's ready to tear ass with a ripper and drive trucks... and I'm all outta truck...

I'm sorry

No I'm not

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