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MLP Theory: Is Equestria Girls the real MLP universe?

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I became a brony around when the first Equestria Girls movie came out in mid 2013. And when I first watched it, I noticed that its plot and execution is almost identical to the first 2 episodes of Friendship is Magic, Friendship is Magic, Part 1 and Friendship is Magic, Part 2.


Here's my theory: The Equestria Girls universe is the real Friendship is Magic universe, while the Friendship is Magic show we all know and love is what Twilight is writing in her diary every day. The show is probably how Twilight is presenting her experiences, adding various concepts to make the diary entries more interesting.


These are the things that both the movie and the first 2 episodes of the show had in common:
▶ Twilight enters a new environment that's outside of her comfort zone
▶ Twilight has to make new friends that
▶ Twilight has a hard time fitting in at first
▶ Twilight has to get the McGuffin.


However, the antagonist for both are different: Nightmare Moon for the show, Sunset Shimmer for the movie. Again, the show is being told from Twilight point of view, so a few things in the show and movies won't be identical.

If this is theory, then Twilight would've been transferred to Canterlot High School from her previous school when she moved. Being in a new school, she's nervous and being in a new and unfamiliar environment. When talking with Celestia as an attempt to learn more about the school so she won't feel so alien. And when Celestia mentioned the a crown for the school dance, Twilight saw this as an opportunity to gain respect and acknowledgement. Sunset, being the most popular girl in the school (portrayed as the school bully in the diary entries) didn't want to be replaced, so she thought of how to get rid of any competition.
But after a few days, Twilight was still feeling like she didn't belong or if anypony cared, but Celestia suggested that she go make some friends, but Twilight was a bit nervous to introduced herself, but she remembered that, if she befriended the right individuals, she'd had an easier time in getting the crown and becoming the princess of the school dance.
Sunset wasn't having any of that and tried to make Twilight look bad so she wouldn't be allowed to apply for school dance princess, but Twilight's friends managed to clear her name.


So, what do you think of this theory? I know it sounds like the "it's all in their head" cliché, but this theory is supposed to explain that the Equestria Girlsmovies is the real MLP universe, and the show is what Twilight is writing in her diary but soon makes the diary into a book of stories to entertain herself The rest of the Mane Six also enjoyed reading these stories, and Twilight let them write their own contributing stories, which translates as each of the Mane Six having their own episode in the series.
Several concepts and characters from the show were either based on something/somepony or made up entirely for the stories that were being written.

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