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Which traits of the Mane Six do you have?

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I'd be surprised if nobody's posted this yet, but just in case that's true I figured why not? Anyway, here goes...

(P.S.: If you don't share a trait with one of the Mane Six, that's okay. You don't have to post all of them, just the ones you do. =) )


:happy_twi: I find joy in learning new things, like different cultures, or lore in fictional works.

:HappyPinkie: My humor may initially come off as annoying, but I really only do it to make people smile.

:awesomedash: I'm loyal to my friends and will stand up for them if need be.

:kdR94: I tend to overreact to things. (Not to Rarity's degree, though. XD)

:applejackhate: I love my family to bits and I (almost always) tell the truth.

:yay: I love all animals, especially the most adorable ones.


So that's it for me. What about you guys?


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Twilight Sparkle- I'm a pretty smart noodle and enjoy learning things, especially history.

Pinkie Pie- I got a love for sweets and I'm usually very happy all the time.

Rainbow Dash- Am pretty loyal, and many consider me to be pretty awesome. 

Rarity- Got a good sense of fashion, man~

Fluttershy- I'm actually pretty shy to people, but at the same time, I do love animals as well, especially my three cats.

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:notbad:I thoroughly enjoy a good book and the sciences, but people drive me crazy every now and then.

:boop: I'm a serious procrastinator, but I can get things done rapidly when the need arises. 

:newspaper: I use art as a creative vent, but it's very irregular.

:ajlol:I can be a stubborn fool at times, but I'd rather fail at something than cheat and succeed.

:why: I'm horrible at small talk or talking to people I don't know in general, yet I still try.

:glare: I enjoy being silly and cracking jokes at almost anything.


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:suspicious:  I love learning and reading books.

:HappyPinkie:  I love telling jokes and making everyone happy.

:rdwink: Sometimes I'm very lazy and I procrastinate. But other times, I'm very loyal and awesome.

:gonkity: I tend to overreact and panic a lot. 

:applejargh: I'm always honest with my friends and family, and I never tell lies. 

:why: I'm very sensitive when it comes to certain things. (Especially when my parents yell at me.) and I do love animals. especially my six cats.




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:suspicious:  I like reading books sometimes 

:HappyPinkie:  I'm borderline crazy and do a good evil laugh 

:rdwink:  I'm loyal to my friends and would do almost anything for them

:gonkity: I tend to be detail oriented and panic during tests

:applejargh: I'm mostly honest, but my lies are few and are only necessary, I would rather cheat and win then fail. 

:why:  I like animals to some degree


Someone correct this with the right characters please



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:twitwitch: I tend to overthink everything, I also prefer to be very organized


:tada: I can be really goofy, and I like hugs


:yay: I'm also a bit shy and sensitive, adore animals, and have super long hair


:toomuch: I love a good adrenaline rush, and can go crazy over certain fandoms 


:rariwhat: I have a cat, like fashion and tea, and sleep with an eye mask


:applejackhate: Family is a big deal to me, and I'm also a country girl

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:cloppa: I love books, learning, and learning from books. 

:gah: I have sometimes crippling social anxiety and avoidance issues coupled with a humiliating lack of experiences and achievements due to low self esteem, plus I love animals!

:rumba: I'm a very serious character 100% of the time. Serious about being silly. HA! It's actually quite stressful. 

:rariwat:  I like to wear pretty dresses I have a creative side. 

:rdnotamused: I have a magnet collection in rainbow colors? 

:dealwithit:I like working outdoors. 


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