Rollercoaster of Friendship Discussion (Warning: Contains Spoilers)

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The discussion thread to the next EG film, Rollercoaster of Friendship (which will air this Independence Day weekend on Saturday the 7th at 11:30AM on the Discovery Family channel). You can talk about what will happen, reviews, and other stuff. I'll start off. 

I think that human Twilight will have a major role in the movie as Shimmer has been looking over things for a while now. 

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Oh, this is delightful; the actual story here is episodic and super bland, but it's fitting that the villain's name is Vignette, because it's the small self-contained moments that really sing here. Rarity freaking out over her new job, Pinkie being the "fun inspector," Rainbow being afraid of the rollercoaster, Twilight and Sunset at the ring toss... it's all just so glorious, and several of these are among the funniest scenes in all of "Equestria Girls." Even though the plot is super cliched and sort of randomly ramps up in speed near the end, I loved how irreverent it was; aside from the very climax, it never took itself too seriously, and even subverted some of its most familiar elements after initially appearing to take them straight. The real nature of the white room the Rainbooms are stuck in? Amazing. Plus, every one of the Rainbooms has become more fleshed out and developed here: we see more of Applejack's interest in work outside the farm, Rainbow's balance between bravado and anxiety is spot-on, Rarity's job advancement is really pleasant to watch, Sunset's anger is finally codified as an essential trait, and Twilight continues to act like normal Twilight instead of doormat Sci-Twi from her early appearances. All of these characters have just the right balance between resembling their pony counterparts and being something entirely different. 

On the other hand, some of the plot intrusions are a total drag, as whenever this thing takes itself seriously it screeches to a halt - but, admittedly, that's not very often, and nearly every serious digression eventually leads to a great punchline. Vignette isn't a terribly interesting villain, but she's very to-the-point about being evil. Her redemption here is kinda blah, though; she shows absolutely no repentance at any point and her hidden depth feels incredibly shoehorned in, so I felt zero sympathy for her, and the themes about social media which she's clearly supposed to represent never really come together. Whatever this is trying to say is just way too broad to actually mean anything, and as such it generally comes down to "fans aren't real friends," which is really kinda played out, and "being terrible is bad," which is meaningless. There's actual potential for pointed socioeconomic critique in here, but of course I'd never expect that from this show. Honestly though, that doesn't really matter until like three minutes in the climax when this thing takes itself the most seriously, because otherwise it's just generally entertaining. 

Also, this contains what might be the most direct sexual reference I've seen from this show (#bangs), and is possibly the gayest thing the show has done since Friendship Games. Both of those make this weirder and more interesting to me, because man, the people behind these things can get away with nearly anything now. I hope they develop their villains a bit more next time. 

Entertainment: 10/10
Characters: 9/10
Themes: 6/10
Story: 7/10
Overall: 80/100

(I so want to rate this higher, but the math just won't let me. My system works the vast majority of the time, but whenever an episode/special/movie/etc. is great entirely due to its humour, it tends to fall apart completely.)

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