If MLP were TV-Y7.

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As if there hasn't been enough jokes and or awkward/disturbing references to get past the radar in the first place despite being TV-Y.


Never forget:

  • "The Punch has been Spiked!" (reference to putting drugs in drinks)
  • Cider being present in general (alcoholic beverage)
  • Queen Chrysalis (TV-Y succubus)
  • Violence (Fluttershy stomping on RD, Changeling Fight Scenes, Twilight vs Tirek, etc)
  • "Peeved" is a swear word in Equestria
  • Spike blindfolding a pony (dunno what episode that's from)
  • Granny Smith's "Psycho" reference (Scare Master)
  • Tirek's ability hits too close to actually stealing souls
  • Dakimakuras (Stranger Than Fanfiction)
  • Communism (Cutie Map?)
  • Heck, even a fart joke (but this was canon WAY back in season 2)

There's probably more out there that could be to far for a TV-Y rated show so this is what I noticed about this.


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And to add insult to injury, They EVEN went to the dark side with today's episode. Check it out yourself because I don't wanna spoil anything just yet.

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I was thinking about this. At first I said that all the stuff I like from MLP doesn't require a "higher" rating. It happens that I think that MLP thrives when it restrains itself to slice of life stories, with a simple story and low, low stakes. I'll put it under spoilers because it's a long one...


The reason for this is that I think it fails every time it tries to go "epic". Season finales, mostly. In these episodes we get a "world ending scenario" that invariably ends up being rushed (I won't go into specifics of precisely what i was thinking because of spoilers), executed poorly and, most of all, there never seems to be a real threat, sacrifice.. The "stakes" are artificially high, meaning, it's always some monster that will rule the world (or even less, Equestria) if the heroes fail; but obviously the heroes never fail and we know that they won't because MLP doesn't really takes risks. It changes and pretends to be edgy every now and then, but it never dares to be awesome. It's always "safe".


Here is an example: I've been playing XCOM 2 (since it came out on the PS4) and... That game knows epic. It's a feeling. From the initial cutscenes to the whole story it's telling that have an epic feel to them because they get the details so nicely, in a cinematic way. It's about angles, about visuals and sounds. Before each mission you see your guys in front of the craft that will take them to the mission, and you get attached to them because they're you team to fight the aliens. They're posing, showing off their armor, their weapons. When you're done selecting you squad, they'll walk towards the craft's boarding ramp as the platform is taking them up, to the launching deck of your base/captured and repurposed alien craft.


There is a song playing. It's heroic. It feels like those guys are all that are standing between the aliens and total domination of the planet. It's followed by the scene while the game loads the map, showing your soldiers looking like they're tense, like they are going to face the terror and their superior officer is telling them about the mission. Then there is another cutscene where they deploy. They are all jacked up on adrenaline, rappelling down, and grabbing their guns, looking around.


So you play the mission and you did everything perfectly. Your guys are moving and you find the aliens. It's a pair of "indoctrinated" human soldiers and an ugly mofo that can control the minds of humans. They're dangerous and if you screw up you will watch your guys die and then they're lost forever. But you set up an ambush and you lay down hot plasma from the guns your team reverse engineered from the alien weapons. However the random number generator screws with you and your guys miss! Two of the aliens lived and one of them is the mind control guy. Oh Fu**! It's the aliens' turn to move now and the surviving soldier shoots at you ranger, injuring him, even if he was behind cover.

Then the mind controlling one wants to mind-rape your sniper... Oh shi*! His sniper rifle is going to END half your squad in one turn if the alien controls him! But then the alien fails and your soldier goes "YOU GOT NOTHING!". Damn!


It's your turn again and, at your command, your ranger closes in and slices the bastard in half with his sword and even jerks it to the side, to clean off the blood like a boss. The other enemy? Your sniper's got him tagged and bagged. That feels like winning! All that to the sound of battle music.


MLP has nothing remotely similar. Because Twilight barely gets hurt when fighting Tirek. All the other characters are removed and she just flies around shooting magic lasers... Pew. Pew. The most epic I've seen in MLP makes ponies fighting so ridiculously bad I didn't know if the intention was to show that ponies just can't fight or if the animators just didn't bother. It looks like they're bitch slapping each other. Celestia stood atop the hill and pointed a hoof forward. She's not wearing armor. She doesn't say a word. She doesn't unleash her magic or commands her guards. Celestia in the cartoon is the most pathetic thing I've seen in animated media.


But what did I expect? Lord of the Rings? Of course not... It's a children's cartoon. I expected that it wouldn't try to venture were it can't. In the season 5 finale Nightmare Moon just beat Celestia and that is it. The ponies didn't even care and the plant life simply lives away under an eternal night. Nothing seems important, it's just a series of events that seem completely disconnected from the story.

In the first season, the conflict between Celestia and Nightmare Moon looked like it was something epic. But then they had to show it and it turned into an unnecessary, rushed flashback. Celestia doesn't say a word. Doesn't fight back. Her actions seem completely robotic, as if following a script (which she is, but it should never that obvious). At the time I blamed Meghan McCarthy's writing, but what if it was simply the show's rating limiting what she can have the characters do? I don't know.


I wanted to see ponies starving because of dead crops without the sun. I wanted to see desperate ponies huddling together under an old blanket, freezing in the cold night as Celestia looks upon them from the balcony in the palace, so that she then goes and begs for her sister to stop it! She begs Luna/Nightmare Moon to see that she's killing their little ponies. But the monster has a cold heart now and she thinks that their suffering is deserved: how dare them not love her. I wanted to see her scream at Celestia, filled with sorrow, blaming her, their relationship deteriorating until it breaks. I wanted to see that Nightmare Moon was a threat, that she was dangerous. That she was more than a pair of fangs. That if Celestia hadn't done something, ponies would keep suffering. Specially when Luna is whining about what she's done in Do Princesses Dream of Magical Sheep. She didn't have TIME to do anything. It was over in minutes and when the season 5 finale shows what her victory would've looked like, it's inconsequential. In the beginning of the show it looked like Celestia and Luna were a class of their own and if one of them snapped, there wasn't anything any normal mortal could've done. It was up to Celestia to save everyone or all would be lost.


You can't do that in 2 minutes! Warhammer 40K has whole series of novels about planet wide battles that the inhabitants call "Wednesday". This is epic! Magical monster attacks Equestria and the rest of the world doesn't even bother to be mentioned isn't. Maybe the problem that I have with the finales is that MLP just isn't made for epic. Because it just doesn't have time. It's producers see it as just a series of commercials and it's limited to "kid stuff".


Like I said. I don't know. What do you guys think?

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Everything I love about MLP:FIM already exists within the guidelines of the current rating. I think raising the TV rating would allow for a greater level of cynicism to bleed into the show, and I most definitely don't want that to happen.

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Wow, am I the only one that thinks that a small change in rating would be a good thing?

according to TV Parental Guidelines:


All Children
This program is designed to be appropriate for all children. Whether animated or live-action, the themes and elements in this program are specifically designed for a very young audience, including children from ages 2-6. This program is not expected to frighten younger children.


Directed to Older Children
This program is designed for children age 7 and above. It may be more appropriate for children who have acquired the developmental skills needed to distinguish between make-believe and reality. Themes and elements in this program may include mild fantasy violence or comedic violence, or may frighten children under the age of 7. Therefore, parents may wish to consider the suitability of this program for their very young children.

I have faith in the writers there amazing and CAN YOU IMAGINE THE STORY WE COULD HAVE, imagine if we could have a episode about Applejacks parents everyone goes through loss this could be a an episode that really hits you in the feels AND teach a lesson to children about loss.

how about a Real villain seen through out the season imagine King Sombra's return or something of that regard.

change isn't always bad, change is good

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7 minutes ago, Jack Pipsam said:

It's kinda strange, because in Big Jim's rant he said the show is made for girls aged 7 - 12, so a Y7 should fit in that.

Well 6-12 actually. And I'll say what I said in the EQD comment thread on that topic. Older children and adults already have a ton of quality TV programming they can turn to. There's really not a whole lot of great shows for younger kids, ESPECIALLY not a lot of great shows with a female-centric focus like FiM: most of them have a male main character and a larger male than female cast. I think it's important to have this show, with this creative team, working in this demographic space.

Beyond that I personally don't think I'd get more out of the show if they moved it up a single bracket in the rating system. I'm good with the show's current mix of adventure, humor, and slice-of-life. For those that get an itch for more "depth" or complexity of material there's the comic books (Reflections would never have made it to TV under a Y-7 rating because of the moral complexity and ambiguity) and fan works.

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