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Sorry for the long cap between posts. I had birthday, lost one year of my life (got twenty) and my final exams are coming. Great. I could work only little on the game in the meantime. Unfortunately that won’t change until Christmas when I’m done with my “Self-Study” Essay about the History of the Clavier.


Transcript for the Prologue is under way. Currently its 80% done (in german). I take it to myself to translate it into English. Don’t worry. I’ll give the finished transcript to a good friend who’s willing to correct my grammar and spelling.

A game is boring with long dialogues. I don’t want my game to be a visual novel. Therefore I’ll try to give short, meaningful and sometimes funny dialogues.

Being a Twilight Sparkle in this game I’d like to give the player the option to identify with the protagonist. Despite that you can’t change the protagonist name and gender (I dare you being triggered). To do so I’ll show Twilight Sparkle dialogues in brackets. Just like in PKMN Mystery Dungeon.

Example as you pressed on a picture:

It shows the picture of your graduation from the School for gifted mages.

Twilight: (I can remember that day very well. Brother and Princess Celestia were so proud of me.)


Another Example as you speak with Spike:

Spike: Right! But we don’t have much time left before you leave Canterlot! Let’s look around in the Castle grounds. Maybe someone wants to say you goodbye!

Twilight: (sounds good to me. Let’s have some time together before I have to go.)


Maybe I shouldn’t let Twilight talk at all. Giving her a calm personality where her Dialogs only will come up if she makes a decision.


Example of a “calm” Twilight making a decision:

Spike: Good morning Twilight! I hope I didn’t woke you up after I came home.

Player Choice:

“No you didn’t!”
Spike: Then it’s all right! By the way. Just by looking at your face it seems that you really have needed some more sleep. You look really tired.

Spike: Still tired, are we? He he.


Should I give Twilight her dialogues (longer conversation = takes more time for dialogues. But adds a good amount of storytelling)? Or should I make her calm so that the player may identify better to her (short dialogues = takes lesser time. But you won’t read Twilight’s thoughts on things). I don’t know. What better for the game? I can’t figure it out. Maybe the solution is something completely different.

Level-Up System

While implementing this I couldn’t avoid the fact that I had to code myself some help. Giving the actor class new variables made the attribute system much easier to realize.

Ranks and Attribute Points are implemented. After every Level up you get one attribute point to spend. Level up a Rank gives you one Mastery Point to invest for Masteries.

At the moment you can spend points in your menu under the option “Upgrade”. There you will find Attributes Bonuses and the Masteries all together in one menu.

In the future I’m thinking of redesigning the whole Menu to fit in the likes of the game. However, firstly let’s concentrate that the system works for now.

Equipment System

Equip Crystals can now be equipped and crafted at a Crafting station. There exists various normal Equip Crystals and Deluxe Equip Crystals. I once wrote that you need either 18 equip shards OR 3 Equip Crystals of the same type to craft a deluxe version. Well, now you need 18 equip Shards AND 3 Equip Crystals of the same type. I’ll search for a way to give you the promised 18 shards OR 3 Crystal option.

Under Work

I work now on the Weapon Level system.

Next Steps

An open documentation platform for the game. I think about a steam Workshop.

Setting up a beta world for you to playtest. But I want to give the game some visual improvements first. The Hero’s don’t look like the Mane six at all. So it wouldn’t feel right.

Maybe its time for some concept art to share. The Mane Six and some other important characters. I'll look, that i can gather some of my work to upload there. Just stay tuned.

Future Steps

While I’m improving in JavaScript coding, I want to modify the menu completely sometime in the future. Giving it a more fitting and informative look. But that lies way ahead from now. You have to live with the ugly menu design for now. I’m sorry.

I Hope you forgive my lag of information. Anyway, thanks for the reading and your interest.


Generous regards


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