Throwback Thursday - G1 - Escape From Catrina

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This is hopefully the first in a long line of weekly threads dedicated to a pre-G4 episode/storyline/movie/short/whatever. These aren't going to be in any particular order, and I plan on jumping around the generations anyway. Feedback appreciated!

Since everyone and their grandma has watched Rescue From Midnight Castle, I'm gonna start with the story after the famous launch, Escape from Catrina

Part 1:

Part 2:

(If someone wants to do one of those fancy livestreams/synchronized video thingies, tell me the time and URL, and I'll drop it in OP here)

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At one point, i was going to do a thing with all of G1. I had a pseudo-script for it up. Gonna leave it here in lieu of my usual live commentary notes.

We get a double dose of the theme and a spelling error in Catrina on the recut. Not a whole lot happens. Baby ponies are playing with the seaponies while the others are setting up a welcome back party for Megan. Baby Moondancer falls into the water and is rescued by the seaponies, but she doesn’t get a song. Why does Applejack get a song but she doesn’t? Do they hate baby ponies or something?


The ball gets lost down a hole which introduces us to the Bushwooly slave camp. This slave driver guy annoys me because it feels like they tried to go for another grey character like with Skorpan, but this guy just comes off as a damn doormat. More on him later.


I swear this witchweed potion is just cocaine. I’m going to call it cocaine, and Catrina is just a cokewhore.


Anyway, this slave driver guy is obviously trying to protect the bushwoolies and uses whatever privileges his past with Catrina grant him to try to mitigate her cokewhore rage, but it seems like he could do more. I want to know the function of that hole. Like, is the bottom of it like a black hole where matter and energy get destroyed? Is it just a really deep hole?


Megan shows up and gets the Rainbow of Light and then trots off to nap with the baby ponies. And, oh hey, a decent shot of Posy, G1 Fluttershy.


Song time as she defies the adult ponies. Not a terrible song, but I don’t see myself blasting this in my car. I’ve heard some of the other songs from the series, and this sounds kinda similar. I may have to come back and go through all the music just to confirm this. And then the babies fall asleep.


Bushwooly breakout. Douchebag slavemaster is just trying to save his own skin from cokewhore rage. These things seem way too easily swayed with promises. Cokewhore must have cocaine sense that tells her when her coke isn’t being made.


Cokewhore just gives up on the bushwoolies and goes immediately into crystal, pony slaves. A snowstorm is a novel idea for pony trapping, but I can’t help but feel there’s an inappropriate joke about Hurricane Katrina in here somewhere.


Rainbow of Light comes out and just kind of shoves all the snow and storm away and saves the day. Catrina just immediately comes up with Plan B. I guess those cocaine withdrawals make you think quickly about getting your next fix.


This bit with Sundancer is kind of relevant but not really. Let’s move on.


Baby Moondancer is neglected. Why didn’t her mom give her shit like the other ponies got? Is she poor? Megan, why would you give the most important item the ponies have to a baby?


Stranger danger. Come on. It was the ‘80s. Have Baby Moondancer scream it.


Rep was beaten by a baby pony. No wonder the bushwoolies just rolled right through him.


With Baby Moondancer and the Rainbow of Light gone, the ponies go out in search for them, with Megan bizarrely worried about the damn baby more than their greatest weapon. They come upon the bushwoolies who are apparently camping out right outside Catrina’s lair. I don’t understand why. That’s just asking to be recaptured and reenslaved or just slaughtered. I don’t think these guys are the smartest bunch.


So the ponies pretty much fall right into Catrina’s claws. The way she asks them to be her slaves amuses the shit out of me. Like, it sounds like when you’re trying to bargain with a 5 year old with candy rather than a raging cokewhore trying to hold a baby and weapon of mass destruction hostage.


Now Catrina goes too far for Rep. Enslaving bushwoolies to feed her coke addiction? Nope, not too far. Enslaving ponies to feed her coke addiction? Nope, not too far. Throw a bushwooly into a pit of doom? Still not far enough. Threaten a baby pony? NOW it’s too far. Rep proceeds to nearly lose the Rainbow of Light and Baby Moondancer. Good job.


Rep’s a little too trusting. “One more hit, and I’ll stop.” Doesn’t every addict say that? This is a coke addict with eye lightning. She could have just gone on a cokewhore rampage instead. That’s also a really quick turn around for going from evil addict to good person.


Costume ball with a seapony song. Not quite “Call Upon the Seaponies” good, but certainly catchier than the baby pony song.


So that’s the story.


Now to bring up my issue with Rep. He clearly doesn’t approve of Catrina’s coke addiction, but he keeps feeding it. He’s an enabler. I guess it’s good that he’s getting between Catrina and her slaves and trying to protect them from her cokerage, but it’s just hurting Catrina in the long run. I also find it a bit weird that he’s willing to openly defy Catrina, like when he saved that bushwooly from the swirling vortex, but he won’t just refuse to take part in her enslavement plans. He ends up coming off more as an enabler and a pushover than someone who’s actually in that middle zone. Back at Midnight Castle, Skorpan was pretty obviously reluctant in his dealings with Tirek and did start to fight against him as soon as he had some help. Rep’s a shapeshifter up against a cokewhore witch who loses her power if she doesn’t get her fix regularly. I don’t think he needed to wait for help to stop her. Like, fucking shut off the machine and hold an intervention and ship her off to the Betty Ford Center or something.


In the original airing, there was a 3rd song in the special that actually showed a pre-cocaine Catrina, which did help in making her a little more sympathetic. It also sort of paints Catrina and Rep as a couple, but I dunno. I might just be reading too much into it.


Anyway, overall, this was kind of a disappointing follow up to Rescue from Midnight Castle. It focuses a lot more on Catrina than the ponies. I don’t think there was anything major wrong with it, but putting it after Midnight Castle is kind of anticlimactic, and it’s even more disappointing as the last two episodes of the series. I think it would have worked so much better as just a random couple of episodes in the middle of the series.

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