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How much are you like/How did you create your OC?

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Mine started as a Sonic OC before I found FIM, then became an OP semi-showoff, because I was younger then, and bored. Once I found FIM, I started to form a general idea of what he'd look like, act like, and do as a pony. Semi-recently, I finally decided on an appearance. As I am uncreative, his appearance is entirely based on my favorite pattern (green lightning on a black background). Same with the name, Sparkplug (lightning) Blacknight (black).

As for personality, I have a weird (but maybe not uncommon?) relationship with him. I figured out at some point that I could entertain myself by imagining him in different scenarios, but, as I am, again, uncreative, I only was able (and am able, generally) to think of him in the context of a piece of fiction I just read or watched. In order to explain why he was in these universes (or maybe the reasoning came first, idk) he has the ability to travel between universes, and does so frequently, even using his OP-ness to cut out the need for basic body functions such as sleep and eating to have more time to travel universes and talk to the main characters in them. At some point he (I) realized that using his abilities to solve the problems of the characters in the universes he visited would be unfulfilling (boring) for them (me), so he (I) decided he would go to comedy instead, because it feels significant to the receiver but doesn't change much in the long run (also I kind of got into comedy a little at the time, so that probably contributed). The rest I filled in with my (if I wasn't introverted and constantly hesitant) personality, because, again, I am uncreative. So, he's a nerd trying to be funny who also can show off but only does so for the benefit of the audience and to prove that he can.


(Did I do it right or is this just a character bio?)

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