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I'm a coder, I have a big project :D and I need some help ;). My project is a game based on Fire Emblem. I have a (blur) story line, Some characters descriptions, a 3D starting code (I'm doing it), some community songs (ideas), no model yet :?. In a nutshell I have the base but I'm not a good artist and not a good sound engineer. If it's interest you to do this project or even give ideas you're welcome. I use github for the project and gitter for communication (chat). The 3D code use OPENGL 3.3 (or less if necessary), and the shaders are basic for the moment. I except to improve the game mechanic by add the choice of the attack (Fire Emblem doesn't do it, you only choose the weapon). I don't have ideas for the animation (3D or 2D, maybe the simpler). It's of course a common creative project. If you're a coder and you want to get involved wait a couple of days :awesomedash:, I need to clean the code and to comment it :).


Sorry if I have made English mistakes, I don't use it often (except in code).

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