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Throwback Thursday - G2 - An Apple for Starlight

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(Yes, yes, I know this is technically G1.5 and that G2 had no cartoons. I'm counting G1.5 cartoons as G2 of the animated series, so there).

Starlight's popular, right? Let's see what Starlight did in her younger years



Miss Hackney gets a headache and leaves the teaching to Starlight, who has to explain about the prehistoric cave ponies of Pinto Cave and how a pulley works.


(Also, this one's only like 10 minutes. No excuses for not watching this one.)



Know of a pre-G4 pony episode/movie/animation thingy that's good? Drop me a line via PM. I'm flying blind with most of these posts and am gonna have to start selecting at random soon.

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I've already seen it :) I liked this ep. I like those little adventures they have. Teddy is always enjoyable and Ace was surprisingly ok in this one.

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(Oops, a bit late, but I'm getting in before the week's up!)

History and mechanics. Such an unusual combo.

Miss Hackney doesn't have anything on Cheerilee.

Starlight was very different back then. Who knew she'd eventually take over a town and later ruin Equestria via time travel?

Melody, stop copying Firefly. Get your own color scheme.

Bon Bon eating in class, getting fat.

Eh, not as bad as it could be, but this song is no Call Upon the Seaponies.

Starlight, stop talking to the mirror. You're crazy.

Random unscheduled field trip. I smell a lawsuit.

Miss Hackney sounding like Granny Smith on the tape.

You went in the hole you were told not to go into, and now you're trapped and doomed to die of starvation/dehydration.

Is Starlight going to tell Hackney about the part where they were almost trapped forever in a forbidden cave?


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