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The Third Irregular Hunger Games Thread - Post Season 6 Decompression Edition

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I think we may be filled up now. I can't start anything right now, but I'll shoot to do so in the next couple of days.

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So ladies and Gentlefigs, here we are: Season three of the FiG-EQD Hunger Games! Here are our contestants and their districts. Place your bets now.


As it would seem, I again forgot and miscalculated how many are in a max-size game.  I somehow fooled myself into believing it was 44 and not 48. Oh well, here we go anyways.


So let us strike up the anthem as we move ahead!





The contest begins with a bang! Ever ready to cause calamity, Luigi sets off an explosion removing Reggie and Skyrazer from the games immediately. Rippironi.


As the corpses of Nintendo's meme-man and Skyrazer rain down over the Cornucopia Procellus liberates a body pillow with accompanying Granny Smith pillow case before it can be sullied by the gore of the first two tributes to go. This even inspires Mr Regular to assume his ultimate form, terrifying Nova.





With the settling of the first cloud of dust and Luigi's abandonment of  the field Yung Venuz searches the wreckage and discovers communism. Maybe he'll put this discovery to use in the advancement of human society. Everyone else who was about to reach the cornucopia had turned tail and ran, terrified of the explosive  display. But Yung has seen and done worse I imagine, he can brave it for a bit of Revolution!


Traumatized by the double-kill, Badshot finds himself cornered by Derpy. He tries to convince her to not kill him. This fails, he dies.


In the later part of the Cornucopia episode: Pinkie kills Ruel and Mandy.




The post Cornucopia haze putters along with trauma and suffering abound. Cleophee staggers through the woods as the ringing in her ears takes the tune of His Theme.



Maybe Cleo will find her hopes and dreams in these games? But it's still early, we can't put all our money on that.


Ending the terror-that-may, Evangeline kills Gahndi Kali with a tree-branch. Perhaps she thought he was a vampire and a broken branch was the closes she had to a stake? Either way, the ultra-pacifist, ultra-violent man of nuclear Amhisa is dead.


Dusty the Cat searches for firewood.


Trixie, Yugo, Molten, and the starting mass murderer team up with the Russian nation to hunt for other tributes. It's a safe bet that they felt with Russia's immense resources - from a comparative point of view - they'd be able to seek out and destroy all competition. But ponies like Padlock are too good for the Kremlin, and she manages to camouflage herself.


Patrick Bateman receives a hatchet.


The day ends with another loud explosion. This by Pinkie Pie, who killed Amalia, Yung Venuz, and DedSec. Clearly, communism shall not take root in this arena.




These are the dead. Pity them: for they have failed.



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We come back to a new day. Injuries and illness abound, Gragonelite dies from dysentery.


Of particular interest in Derpy's sharing of her love with Thorax, which is sudden sudden and abrupt in its forthright violence he explodes. And so the life of the pony who assumed his ultimate form from sharing love dies by sharing his love.


A cat also puts on a fireworks show. This must be relieving for Nova who the previous day was frightened when Mr Regular revealed his ultimate form. Mr Regular also feels apologetic about that, and has evolved from being a Pennsylvanian to a Canadian.


Fluttershy meanwhile silently kills Chibi Dashie. And >Rape lets Light Landstrider spend the night with him.


Oh, a couple people also freeze to death.




For his fireworks show the previous night, a gang is assembled including the entirety of Russia who raid Dusty's camp, hoping to uncover all the explosives the feline may or may not have. However, Dusty being a cat he probably did not have much in his den besides catnip and a few dead mice, so it was all for naught.


But in a great show, Trixie countermemes Bane and takes kills him in a crashing plane. Percedal is left behind as a martyr and a cover to convince the other tributes it was all his suicidal doing. Because one of us has to be in the wreckage brother.



Patrick Bateman builds a library in Cairo so as to keep all his rented tapes.


Frecinette is forced to pick between two tributes to kill by Molten, but she refuses to play and Molten kills her instead.




This are our dead. They are dead. Mourn them.

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i know its not a pony, but i thought you wanted pictures from other sites


Doesn't matter anyway, RNG killed me off

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Our resident Gopnik, having not done much, thinks about his home in Russia. Which coincidentally is also in these games. Perhaps he could or should make a friendly alliance with the nation of his fellow Gopniks. But alas, the cheeki breeki is very real.


Meanwhile, Dusty yowls helplessly. Which seems strange for such an accomplish feline so far. Or, well his camp did get raiding so the loss of catnip probably effected his morale. Kerning you are not.


And as the Preacher Padlock wildly blows things up, Landstrider eliminates Luigi as they meet in the woods. Landstrider wanting to take revenge for the first two deaths in the game at his hands. But now Luigi ends his reign with a knife to the forehead.


The chorus of tributes including the might of the Russian population also has to be fantastically loud and glorious to behold. Truly tonight the hills are alive with music.



And some other things happen. No real deaths.




With the coming of the morning Patrick Bateman denies Rogue Cookie his reservations at Dorsia with a length of rope. Cruelly strangling him in the wilderness. He probably did it too while talking about Phil Collins.


MoltenKitten also drowns in a frozen lake. But that's not impressive at all. What is is the fact Strange Phantasm just pushed Russia off a cliff in a knife fight. He not only killed on tribute, but killed an entire nation of 143 and a half million people, and surely eliminated a handful of Siberian aboriginal cultures too! What a beast, and he didn't even need gulags or gas.


And this great death sends ripples in the force, effecting the deepest, most primal behavioral coding in Mr Regular's aggression files. His aggression level is set to 0. The spirit of  the slain Gahndi has possessed him. All things NOT A CAR will now perish.


Meanwhile with Dusty and Nova:




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Well all thats left is Yugo and Eva

Also damn Toki! Just gonna leave her like that?


inb4 Yugo wins because portals

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Dammit you Bateman.  I hate having a slow death with Phil Collins in the background. 

Strangephantasm and Toki are getting brutal. Good luck with your Business, Nova.

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