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The Third Irregular Hunger Games Thread - Post Season 6 Decompression Edition

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The Mercilessness of Evangeline never ends, but there's no one to prove it on. So we can only assume she's murdering squirrels to pass the night away.


Derpy and Dusty both get in a tussle. Derpy is injured in the altercation. So much so Dusty the cat has to put her down. These leaves >Rape as the only surviving member of Team Horsefucker.


Mr Regular and Jack O'Niel come to a violent end as the Gopnik's cheeki reaches its full breeki and he blows them up. RIP.




Out of  the gate after the sun rises Toki sets off an explosion, killing Houston, Light, and >Rape. Whadda kill.


And still with no proof  yet, Evangeline's lack of mercy rises with her aggression level hitting 0. Which is really more like 1,000. But whatever. More squirrels gonna die.


Patrick Bateman though, he doesn't seem to want to take people noisily. He's thrown no chainsaws down a stairwell. He's buried no axes in people's heads. He hasn't even drawn a knife. He's instead strangled Rogue Cookie, and now poison's Trixie's food. Did he at least play her music while giving her a dissertation on why that 80's artist is good and why that song or album is the peak of their career?


Starlight Glimmer, forever the lonely friendless whorse digs for responses for SOMETHING.


Gopnik straight-up Bateman's Fluttershy.


And to try and get himself on the scoreboard Strange Phantasm attacks Nova. But Spitfire appears blowing her whistle and kills Phantasm.


Yugo goes on the hunt.



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Gopnik sneaks out, and Bateman picks a fight with Evangeline.


It seems after a full day of powering up and looking mean she's put into her place by the corporate psychopath. The defeat - and mercy afforded to her - powers her down. Or does it? Either way, Bateman lets her live another day with the simple words, "I got to go return some video tapes". Or maybe he had to feed a cat to an ATM. 


Toki thinks ab out winning. Why wouldn't he? He just blew up a group of people. Of course that has to be on his mind.


And the Preacher Padlock is finished.




Basically nothing happens.




In a strange twist of things that show of dominance may have actually tempered the fire inside Evangeline and she agrees to work with Bateman for the day killing squirrels and shit; she's gotta prove she's still a merciless heir to the terror of Gahndi.


Nova S. also finds an airplane in the arena. Perhaps its the one Bane and I died in?


And Dusty without remorse murders the fuck outta Starlight. I can only imagine it was too gruesome to be described. We only know she was sleeping.





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Tensions rise, the end draws closer and closer. Who will win and who will die a failure? Find out tonight, today!


... My money's on Nova.

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Dusty apologizes for something to someone that's not there, Nova cries, and Spitfire wants to die but the Gopnik refuses. Evangeline also fucks up in checking dubs.


And perhaps it was the fuck up that led Patrick Bateman to fall into the pit in the first place. She went and pointed to some stars in the night sky and said, "check 'em" and Bateman's attention was drawn away and he died. They are working together after all.


Yea, that's it.




Gopnik has murdered Toki, fulfilling Rogue's request. And itt couldn't have been from Nova since he/she got caught in a get so great when checked it killed three. Bateman's ghost be like:







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2 hours ago, strangephantasm said:

I... honestly thought that cat was gonna take it. Well, at least Toki got what he deserved. And Gropnik died begging like a b-tch. That's what happens when you take out Fluttershy.

I too had my bets on the cat.


Maybe someday Dusty'll be back in an evolved form... As Kerning...



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Aww yugo died... well he's kinda immortal anyway. He'll just be reborn.


But yay Eva won

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