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Crafting a model railway scenery about Ponyville vill be most interesting thing i do.



First i was not sure, that its possible at that scale (HO 1/87). Despite that, i start:



First ponies went ugly cause i dont know that using wireframe at that scale are possible. But it was possible. Further ones are all on fireframe. Last one, what i did:



.. and a picture serie, how i did her:

Less interesting will be my digital art. Despite efforts im not got good feedback, mostly like "uncanny valley," "Strange" etc. No one of them arent never in EQD Drawfriends stuff.


This Luna are chubby due a foolish meme by an other artist, but cute enough to being not ugly.





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Next house.



Its visible here too: 


Now are missing only the toilet, then i can completly set that streetside up. Without SCC, that are coming to next scenery module.

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Spoiled Rich, “Cloudie, help me down! Now! Cloudie .... Please, don’t tell anypony. Please! Help me down! I’ll pay you 500 bits!”

Cloudie Brilliant (laughing out loud), “500 bits ... I’ll make you earrings with 10 carat gems for free if you show me how you got there.”

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The lighting in this is really pretty. Not only is it beautiful, but it gives her a sense of occupying a physical space, which seems like a big plus for connoisseurs of the pudge. Her eyes seem a lil' creepy in an artificial, doll-like way, but not as much so as your earlier stuff.

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