Fallout Equestria: Forgotten Horror

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Name: Fallout Equestria: Forgotten Horror.


Platforms: PC,Mac,Linux.


Type: Co-op for 2 Players.


Genre: Old school Survival Horror with some RPG elements.


Developers: KnatE and EFT Team.


Engine: Forgotten Equestria (Reworkered Legions Engine)


Status: In the development!


Story in Short Form:


Day by day i see a one and the same dream,where i falling in abyss and after this all begins from start again.Little Pip,are you okay?Yes Blackjack,let's go to bar "Wild Flame" i need to rest.


All begin from stranger,he came to us and asked our help.I'm immediately feel what this not a really true,but from lust of money Bjay accepted it.Our task is been take a rare relict that needed to stranger,but we don't understand that city Aronfide in which we going,have a mystery and then what we will have to face,certainly will not ask for what we arrived.








Chapter 1: The Road. (Completed on 100%)


Chapter 2: Abandoned House. (Completed on 40%)


Chapter 3: Aronfaid "The City of Death". (Completed on 0%)


Chapter 4: Last Hospital. (Completed on 0%)


Chapter 5: Creature of Madness. (Completed on 0%)


Chapter 6: Secret of Task. (Completed on 0%)


Common Progress (20%)


We opened the site of Fallout Equestria: Forgotten Horror for everypony,it still need some updates but you can now register. 



MLP Forums page - https://mlpforums.com/topic/158439-fallout-equestria-forgotten-horror/

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Oh man, thanks for sharing this!

More pone games = more documented evidence of my self-worth!

But seriously, this looks super cool!

The closest any of my friends have ever gotten to a MLP game is riding the unicorn in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, so I'll have to rip someone from the internet to play with me...

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Thank you for comment,yes today we have a small amount of games at MLP or FoE universe.We have idea with a servers,they works the same as a server of Legions War.We already tested it and not seen any dropping of ping.If community support this then we immediately provide it and you can play without emulators.

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