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My Little Pony artist and provocateur Jenn Blake has been on a farewell tour of the con circuit. This is not because she's moving on to other fandoms or starting a new life as a Fireball tasting specialist.

It's because she's dying.

She has brain cancer. She cannot afford the treatment that could save her life.

We are asking family, friends, bronies and all those who love Jenn to donate. Any amount helps. The amount requested is to pay for existing medical debt, and to create a buffer against future expenses without which she cannot survive.

Please help, so we can enjoy Jenn, enjoy Jenn's art (and suffer her sense of humor, too unfortunately), for years to come.

Join us in saving Jenn Blake's life.



$3740 in 45 minutes. At that rate, we'll have cancer straight up cured by the end of the year.

Edit Part 2: Edit Harder:

Over an hour now, and we're over halfway to the goal.

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We're up to $20,897 now at just 18 hours in.

Cancer treatments are typically ongoing as well as expensive. $10k is a nice chunk of the initial costs but it won't cover the long-term care and treatments that will be needed. If you haven't donated yet, please consider pitching in! Even your five bucks can make a difference.

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Everything is so costly these days then how come medication be left alone. The prices for treatments are touching sky and in this we need to find doctors and treatments which are cost effective as well as effective as a treatment. My younger sister was a stage artist and used to earn meagre. Once while performing she felt dizziness and started experiencing fatigue. After diagnosis she was detected cancer and oncologists at Advanced Radiation centers suggested radiotherapy. The doctors were very helpful and cooperative in her economic situation.

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