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Hey guys, I am just setting this up real quick to get some input first (Not to worry, I will add more stuff soon)

What I tend to like to do is 3D print when I have time. Its fun and all, and allows me to make stuff in a way people dont normally think possible.  (See example of my earlier prints)


Thats an old one from when I just started. I used a much lower resolution printer and I was just starting out.  My most recent one below (but it was a supersize experiment)

Typh supersize print by skysweep

Unfortunately I dont have any of my normal sized recent prints, they were all commissions and are in other ponies' hooves. Im sure I could get one of them to comment here...thats still pending though. 


What do you think? I only do OC's cos well....hardly a point to print main characters when you could them. 

Im open to commissions (check my dA if you want to, but I tend to only take one at a time) and sometimes I just carry out an experiment to learn more, of which I am happy to do it as a request or a gift. But I will say up front first. 

Anyways I have some time on my hooves this time round and am looking for ideas on what to print. Feel free to tell me if anything pops into your head. 

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Yep, needs sanding and that Yellow pegasus and last green one's shapes have too less polygons and are square because that. And eyelashes missing, (Hint - easier are to paint them before white areas of eyes - if lashes border are dry, then are easy to trim it to right width, by overlapping with white. At extra small scale are not other ways to draw eyelashes)

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