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Alrighty folks, surely most (some?) of you tried Undertale. Grand game, beautiful music, powerful message about friendship! Its popularity (and I guess that certain dialogue from Alphys) spawned quite a lot of Alternative Universes. Some are awesome, some are...bizzare. For me amongst them always stood out one: Underfell. AU where things are turned upside down and the nicer individual was in Undertale, the more brutal they are in Underfell. Beauty of this AU is that even within these brutal monsters you can find light and bring it out. And now a game is being developed! Several even, actually. One stays true to Undertale's style and seems well thought out. Either way, I do my civil duty of letting you all know of a possible gem in development out there. I am sure excited and I hope at least some of you will be too~

Underfell by Spritedgy





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12 hours ago, ArcticEight said:

I'm personally not really a fan of Underfell because my favorite character gets turned into a freak. :c

Which one?~ Toriel perhaps?)


2 hours ago, baltoist said:

This is still popular?

Ei, when general populi gets bored of it, faithful community stays with~


1 hour ago, Pinkie said:

I've always hated that game but don't let that stop you.

Aww, "H" word~ Well, fair enough, to each their own)

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18 minutes ago, ArcticEight said:

Mettaton EX.

I'd say he's more of a sad character. His Soul is broken and all. Plus hey, he got FOUR arms~ Either way, folks here are writing things off the real thing, not by the word. Hopefully they'll make him look better than you expected. Or maybe not. ^ ^"

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