Half-awake thoughts

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Ever had one of those times in which you've just woken up, are really tired, and start having crazy thoughts that you wouldn't have when fully awake? This is what this thread is dedicated to. What are some interesting sleepy thoughts you've had?


Here are some ones of mine that I remember really well.


  • A couple years ago, I wondered who provided the meows for our cats. Frank Welker? Dee Bradley Baker? It wasn't until I was fully awake that I remembered that animals don't have voice actors in real life.
  • About a week or two ago, I was thinking about Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and how, judging by Madame Foster's age, people have been creating imaginary friends in that universe for a very long time. Well before the 40's, which was known for being a very politically incorrect time period. So, are there racially insensitive imaginary friends based off of blackface imagery and that kind of thing running around today? What does Foster's do with these racist friends? Are they locked in a closet like the scribbles? It was such a weird idea that I'm thinking about writing a fanfic for it.
  • A few days ago when I was sick, I pictured one morning a presidential candidate who planned on building a mechanical Quetzalcoatlus and using it as a weapon.

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