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Over the years I've accumulated several of the Funko My Little Pony Mystery Mini's. Some have been store bought, some have been rummage sale acquisitions. The only series I've come close to completing is the current Power Ponies (I think it would technically be Series 4). The figure I'm hoping to trade for is the Rainbow Dash as Zapp (if you have any other Mystery Mini's that aren't the ones I've listed as having, or are not the black figures, you can feel free to post as well, I may be interested)

Here is the list of figures I currently have, and am willing to trade. Pictures related:

Black Twilight Sparkle (Series 2)
Black DJ Pon-3 (Series 1)
Black Big Mac (Series 2)
Discord (Series 2)
Black Discord (Series 2)
Twilight Sparkle as Masked Matterhorn (Series 4)
Fluttershy as Saddle Rager (Series 4)
Common Henchpony (Series 4)
Rarity as Radiance (Series 4)

Please reply to this thread with inquiries, and if we settle on a trade the final transaction can be taken care of in PM's.

No longer needing to trade, got the one I'm looking for for my birthday.

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