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I choose Airbus because we using airbus in Greenland

Airplane delivery, but lots of expensive price or ship delivery with very cheap price?

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I'd never even heard of Darude before, and now that I've spent 15 seconds listening to them, my brain hurts. It's like if the bastard child of Vinyl Scratch and DIscord fell into a cement mixer which then crashed into a kazoo factory located in the center of Dresden, Germany at about 10:15pm on 13 February 1945.




It's almost indescribably bad.


Gas or electric? 

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I am so goddamn tired of biking to work each morning in this friggin' heat and humidity. If we had a shower at the TV station it wouldn't be a problem, but this is an upscale professional midtown-Manehattan highrise office building constructed in 1929. I'm just happy that the elevators work reliably. 


Winter cannot come soon enough. And I will relish every day of it until the spring comes. I will ride Central Park until my legs are jelly, basking in the cooling breeze as the Cherry Hill fountain freezes over and the horse-drawn carriages are put up until the weather turns. 



1080i or 720p? This is a very real conundrum which vexes all in my industry each day. 




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