A celebration of: five god-damn years of me doing pone art

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So I was just browsing the hidden depths of the forgotten corners of my DeviantArt gallery and I learned something astounding and terrifying: I've now been drawing pony for five god-damn years.


Actually: over that now. I missed out on my five-year anniversary. My first real pony piece of art is from August 10th... 2011. In 2011 Obama was nearing the end of his first term, and Mitt Romney was the Republican meme. in 2011 the Arab Spring flared to life; I have been drawing pony for as long as Syria has been at civil war! In the month I began Europe was suffering from a debt crisis because of god-damn Greece and the US credit rating was downgraded.


Several months after I started drawing pony Occupy Wallstreet started and so began the birth of the Occupy movement.


And the youthful brony fandom was looking ahead to Season 2.


And between then and now: I've been drawing. And now whenever I feel like my art is shit I can go back and see where I've been and safely want to gouge my own eyes out. So I will entreat you to this. Here is my very first pone drawing:



Source for morbid curiosity's sake


As the description attests, I was dragged into this because I watched a parody trailer for the Dark Knight.


And now five years on, and the ending of a presidential episode later where am I? Well, I have a draw thread here for that.

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