The Most Beautiful Pony-Inspired Song I Have Ever Heard

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This is the same artist who made the legendary "Lullaby for a Princess"; that should be enough for you to want to hear this RIGHT NOW.

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It's very good!
For me there are a few other contenders on the beautifulitude front, though that was certainly one of the most professionally-produced.

Some of my personal picks:

Someone Like Me (Pitch cover)

Universe by Metajoker and Fluttershyay

Bright Eyes: A Wonky Anthem by Ponky and Eccentrifuge

Chant of Immortality for Strings, Flute, and Celesta by Relative1Pitch

The Crystal Kingdom by TheDashDub

A Dance of Fire and Beauty, Heart of a Dragon Theme, and The Subtle Loveliness of Night by Socratic Brony. Sadly the Youtube links are now hidden and the download links disabled, but you can probably still find them in the usual places. If all else fails, I've got my own copies so hit me up! The last two are from a six-part arrangement based on a fanfic. It was meant to have seven parts, but I've confirmed with Socratic that it will remain forever unfinished. In my mind, one of the greatest incomplete works of the fan's musical side.


Pretty sure I've posted most/all of these before at some point, but since this is a thread about beautiful fandom songs...

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Regarding 'Shy Heart', as usual ponyphonic knocks it out of the park with the vocals. Not sure if I heard it before, but it seems fairly recent that flew past me. A lovely song all around. All the songs posted or linked thus far are befitting as well.

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