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Lord Max

The Internet re-imagined as a huge fantasy world, where the "Six Friends Who Are One" are worshiped as gods

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I've been working on a story for some time now, with an unorthodox setting that some of you might be interested in. Essentially, it is a world set within the Internet, but spun as a pseudo-fantasy world of kingdoms and fanatical factions. Famous websites are recast as jealous and bickering worldly powers, while fandoms exist as monastic societies that worship deities from the "World Beyond the Web." One such group is defined by strict devotion to strange and colorful figures from another world, a pantheon known only as the "Six Friends Who Are One."


The story is called "The World Within the Web", and has previously been featured on Equestria Daily. As of now, it is still an ongoing series with regular updates, so I would love more feedback if you should be interested in giving it!

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