Guardians of Harmony Figure Ideas!

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Here is some ideas for characters that should be made as figures in the GoH line.


Like for example:


"Since they made Shining Armor, They need to make Princess Cadance."


Here are some characters that they need to make:

Princess Cadance (Of course.)

Regular Princess Luna (Not Nightmare Moon.)

Lord Tirek

King Sombra 

The other members of the Mane Six. (Rarity and Applejack.)

The Great and Powerful TRRRRIXIE!!!!!

Thorax (I know that they already made a changeling in the Twilight Sparkle set, But come on. He needs to be made into a figure!)

and Ember as well.


For the "Fan Series", I want Hasbro to combine the Equestria Girls line with GoH to make these figures:

Daydream Shimmer 

Midnight Sparkle

The Dazzlings

Gaia Everfree (Or however you spell her name)

Sunset as a demon. (Just call her 'Evil' Sunset Shimmer)


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A semi-smoky King Sombra standing proudly on a crystal spire.


A primed and ready Lord Tirek about to zap something.

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the background pony party pack with bonbon, Lyra, vinyl, Octavia, and Derpy!!


I also wouldn't mind seeing a general pack fluttershy kinda lame of Hasbro to make a figure of a main character that very few people in the fandom can get

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