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EQD-FiG Hunger Games: Super Holidays Go-Go Edition

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Ladies, gentlemen. Horses, Trixie. It is that time again: Time for a good old bloodletting using the BrantSteele Hunger Games simulator. And you better get ho-ho-hoready to deck the halls in garlands of gore and tragedy, because it's time to do this Holiday style.


So join me again in another round of mayhem and offer me your 48 best. Every poster automatically submits himself into the games along with any other tributes. Ready the eggnog folks, because it's going to get brutul.


And of course, if you're going to submit yourself please post your avatar from a source link that's not your the direct image link for what it is on the forum. I don't want broken image links mid-way through and I'm not going to fix them.




1) AaronMK



2) LittlePip



3) Woody Guthrie



4) Light Landstrider



5) Procellus



6) Roman Von Ungern-Sternberg



7) Kaethela



8) Jederick



9) Skyrazer



10) Darth Vader



11) Ivara the Huntress



12) Mi'aq the Liar



13) Frécinette



14) Patricia Wagon



15) Rottytops



16) Shantea



17) Luna



18) Raichu



19) Draco Malfoy



20) Adam Gotner



21) User



22) Sethisto



23) Vman



24) WeAreBorg



25) ABagOfVicodin



26) Octavia



27) The Illustrious Q



28) Allyster Black



29) BadShot



30) Cyber Commander



31) Zen



32) UltimateAI



33) Vin



34) Santa



35) Baby Jesus



36) Charles Dickens



37) The Grinch



38) RogueCookie



39) Adam Sandler



40) Arnold Schwarzenegger



41) Azalea Floria



42) ChibiDashie



43) The Red Baron



44) Anime Germany



45) Lillie


46) Guzma



47) Rowlet



48) Festive Trixie



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So how does this works? The simulator randomly generates events until we have a winner? Anyways, I'm in (I posted so...yeah, no turn back now).


And since I do not have an avatar yet an this is a badass battle royale, let's use this avatar for the game:


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Ill Throw my hat in again, and I brought a couple of friends with me


Here's me



Featuring special guests Draco Malfoy


And the former lead signer of Canadian rock band Three Days Grace, Adam Gontier



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Oh right! Its christmas themed! Then why don't we add this badboy?

Composite Santa Claus. He looks like one half Santa, one half Frosty the snow man. Nobody knows what his powers are but they freak the **** out of people.



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I will kindly put myself...



And my historical waifu, Manfred von Richthofen aka the Red Baron. (HOT DAMN)



Let's also shove Germany in here as well because, uh...history? 


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@AaronMk Only add Sandler and Arnold if we see no new faces on wanting  to join.

Put them in as a last resort or if spaces need fulling up. It will be nice to see new faces plus... 

I don't want to get in the way of someones blood lust.

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Alright ladies and gentlemen, we're full now. Had only one space left so I filled that myself.


Now to prepare these games.

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Ho-ho-ho ladies and gentlemen, it is time to die.




As we get ready to die, let's bring in our official spokesperson to sing us into the action with the festive anthem!



And now let's die.



The action is on, and Borg isn't interested in seeing what happens next and he breaks for the tree line as Allyster engages Roman for a green bean cassarole, breaking the nose of the mad noble before he books it into nature, the warm prize held firm in mitted hands.


Guzma is witness to this, which sends a sad tear to his eyes. This isn't the holiday season the anime knows and loves, and so takes up the motto of "Gott is der liebe" and fixates himself on making this so.


Guzma isn't the only one terrified, not only do people swarm away Light Landstrider becomes terrified on the suspicious of the seemingly Bolshevik trappings of the holiday season. You know, Santa dresses in RED. And all that free shit? Totally communist. A true capitalist would be charging cut-throat prices to have these gifts. And that's how it is in the real world! The free world damn it!


Procellus isn't able to catch a break and is the first to die, strangled by an anime. RIP. No islands for you. Vin claims the second kill, running Luna to death with a pie crust. Must be an incredibly dry and tough pie-crust. Or maybe Luna is just very, very soft.


User doesn't agree with the whole thing. Apparently he's as Christian as the Puritans of old Boston and declares Christmas a pagan affair and should be totally eradicated. He will operate under this guise.


Old Frankie, the soul and voice of the golden generation and the heavy-voiced chairman of the board has the life drained from his blue eyes when Zen fills him with Allspice. Apperantly blood doesn't work as well when full of a foreign substance such as Allspice. I murder the Red Baron too.


Charles Dickens is a victum of mishap, and the writer of a Christmas Carol slips off his podium because of the ice and dies.


Woody Guthrie meanwhile knows how this is all going to end, and he takes solace in that. In a way, all yall fascists bound to loose.



Sethisto becomes like Guzma and rushes off into the wilderness after him.




In the immediate aftermath of the Cornucopia Rowlet catches up with Trixie and kills her with a faulty string of lights. Neither of  them thought to check the wire coating while they were decorating the nearby pine-trees out of Christmas spirit. So when a slip-up was made, it was made fatally.


Or maybe it was on purpose. Who knows.


Kaethela finds the score of the century and loots the ever loving shit out of an abandoned FedEx truck. ChibiDash wishes Luna happy holidays.


Darth Vader, being a terribly burnt husk of a man attempts to cheer, no doubt thinking he should spearhead efforts to make another Star Wars Holiday Special, this time with only the Empire and wishes to test out is (probably literal) pipes. This doesn't work out so well. And no one cares.


Rottytops receives a gift of animes.


Azalea Floria, who those who were at the Cornucopia should look out for, decides that Draco Malfoy - an actual wizard - is too much for her. And taking control of a nearby reindeer flees the scene. This doesn't meet the approval of Shantea, who comments that this is all highly inadequate.


And Santa is bound to be a better holiday singer than Darth Vader, being the spirit of Christmas and all. And so he takes up the mantle to sing to a captive audience about the commercialization of Christmas and for the simpler times when people actually asked for world peace. Santa, he who spreads material cheer, is obviously disgruntled at the new trend of material wealth.


Skyrazer is one to seek comfort in material goods however. In particular the perfect Christmas tree. You know, the one that Clark Griswold would have wanted.


Frecinette makes her first move of the games being the new Procelle and invades an island nation. Despite the Christmas season she takes everything from some poor people in the middle of the ocean somewhere.


Borg gets caught up in a fight and fall victim to lethal ornaments. The throw came from Canada's own Adam Gotner who was aiming for Jederick. Borg who ran fast now lays dead and bleeding for a thousand tiny glass shards and Jederick lives to die another day.


Despite the looks, Rogue has a merry fucking Christmas.


In hiding from the action, Woody Guthrie sees the dark side of the holidays. He sees from the bushes men fighting men, ponies fighting ponies, and weird as fuck humanoids fighting weird as fuck humanoids. And like witnessing Black Friday at the mall he realizes that this is the holiday's dark side. People everywhere from all over fighting fruitlessly over TVs and video game consoles. Except here it's for their lives.


Adam Sandler is himself like Frecinette. He takes freedom from some poor Pacific islanders. And Patricia Wagon pisses in the snow.




Here are the dead. Good night sweet princes.


User and his Waifu get to be in a better place together now.

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2 hours ago, AaronMk said:

Frecinette makes her first move of the games being the new Procelle and invades an island nation. Despite the Christmas season she takes everything from some poor people in the middle of the ocean somewhere.

Just like old times.

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I'm also going to add that I did a test run to check for glitches and errors in the events (one still got through, but oh well) and there was a moment where twenty-five people died in one day.


Jus' sayin'.

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Come night and the angels split the heavens. "Hark!" the shout, "Glory to Rottytops!"

It seems Rottytops has divine approval. Surely, it must be for her collection of animes.


But lo too, in the same night a heresy is born. Crowned by Vin, Darth Vader is proclaimed to be the reason for the season. This will not sit well with her.


Elsewhere in the arena, The Illustrious Q uses his pony blogging skills to convince Patricia Wagon that Christ needs to be more involved in Christmas, forgetting that baby Jesus is partaking in these games. So Christ is pretty heavily involved at this point. It is after all his birthday. Or probably not really, it's more likely to be March than December. But, well, you know: User WAS right, Christmas is too pagan. But he's dead now so his opinions don't matter. This also puts Q at odds with Vin.


The Grinch meanwhile had some devious and tasty plans for a turkey. But watching Whoville never taught him to deep fry a turkey the American way so he screws it up and dies.


Rowlet is awoken by nightmares, terrified that Frecinette would become Santa. This is a terrifying thought considering she invaded an entire island and enslaved its people. Whether this means she has an already available work-force to get on the toy making business now is yet to be said. Or maybe she'll be the Santa of Taking.


Mi'ag meanwhile is stuck inside where it's warm. Or maybe he's not. That's not for Mi'ag to say. What we can say confidently though is that Woody Guthrie is a dependable man,  you can count on him to be home this holiday season.


And like how Q convinced Patricia that Christ needs to be back in Christmas Azalea comes down with a bad case of the blues, lacking her little Baby Jesus.


While the Grinch failed in cooking his bird to lethal effect, Bad Shot too failed, but no so explosively. Instead he has a dry bird which Chibi Dashie attends to with some gravy to put some pepe back in that bird.


There's also some loneliness here tonight folks, Roman pines for the company of Jedderick; he likely needs some human comfort after the material comfort of golden rings failed to alleviate the humiliation and hurt of a nose broken over a casserole. Draco also pines for Vman, whose company will surely match the expression of his avatar. But if there's one thing nobody was wanting the company of it's reindeer. Poor Pip was never trained to handle them and she got ran over, and she was such a small pony too; she couldn't have stopped them anyhow. Homage'll have a sad Hearth's Warming without her.




Allyster arms himself with a candycane, Adam gives our island conquerer a gift-card to Warmongers-R-Us (now including artillery rentals), and Azalea and Jesus receive a gift of drummers. All is festive in the holidays as out contestants stir for another slaughter in the winter son. Woody Guthrie, Guzma, Patricia, Santa, and Luna all don their gay apparel for a wonderful day and set out to discuss the greatness of Jesus and Rottytops.


Adam Sandler recieves a gift most useful to a bro-comic such as himself: dancing women. I'll let your imaginations run wild on their skimpy Santa outfits.


Darth Vader may not have given up his dreams for a Star Wars Holiday Special 2.0: DeathStar Bugaloo, committed to the fanciful notion he can sing. He however needs dancers, so he gives Sethisto a silk hat and he busts into some rather cool moves. Like a snowman. Ayyy.


Lillie - like Roman a few days or before or something - receives five rings of binding. And in the Holidays she will smite them. If Roman doesn't get there first.


Arnold, being the Governator he is can not help but notice Q's passion for putting Christ back in Christmas so wishes him a merry Jesus Birthday, and Chanukah, and all of that in one simple phrase. Kaethela meanwhile around the street sings songs of capitalist protest, calling for a return to simpler times and humanistic celebration.


And then we have it folks: in a fight for a ham we get our first murder in the day's sun. Vman bludgeons Shantea for a ham. Not-Octavia meanwhile is forced to kill him... her... itself when he's informed Santa - despite being in these games - is not real by Rogue Cookie. Rogue meanwhile is just not impressed.


The pimp-master and Jedderick-pining Roman now wanders the shops looking for cheap gifts to woo his husbando. But he's not aware that the villainous Draco has just murdered him in cold blood! I smell a revenge plot in the future folks. And it's cold! But not as cold as Chibi and Mi'ag's adventure to bake a pie-crust, but Mi'ag knows no such thing about these fields.


Vin eats turkey, and the divinely appraised Rottytops feeds Skyrazer a poisoned pumpkin pie. I get some swans.



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