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Sapare's super duper intro

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Hello there fellow followers of the cult of pony.

I am Sapare, a man who is missing out on sleep because he is distracted by ponies. I saw the link to this forum from EQD and being that I have not been active on a Brony side since the early days of Cloudsdale I decided it was time to drop by and see if I can fit in.

If you wish to know about me, I can tell you that I am German, but have for lived in Canada for a good number of years now. I enjoy reading and writing of Fanfiction, but finding the energy for either of the two has always been a bit of a struggle.

Obviously I also hold a great interest in video games, ranging through almost all genres. Most of what I play these days I record and upload on my Youtube Channel( ), or stream over on Twitch. I like to pride myself with years of experience in the mysterious art of "playing video games", having learned such powerful techniques as "beat IWBTG" and "Play Super Meatboy".

I will admit not having looked too deeply into this forum yet, but at very least I plan to lurk and strike from the shadows when the time is right.

As a final note, if anyone here makes any form of Pony inspired games(even small flash ones) and wants some attention, if I see it I'll play it. If you ask me to, I'll record it for my channel.

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