If you join the MD/ND sometimes you can use this little plugin to embed images, gif animations and youtube videos from links into Disqus. EQD disabled images, this will be only visible for those using the plugin. The initial purpose was to replace the upvote arrow with a hoof, maybe i'll add that anytime.   Get embed media like images, animated gifs, youtube, dailymotion, vimeo Tag images to spoiler them (see below after how to) Get realtime desktop notifications about new comments, replies and upvotes (also when your browser is minimized, or Disqus ones won't work again) Get a "who's active" sidebar of online users (shows new joined) Use "instant mode" to show new comments immediately, without to click the blue bar Additional separator line after clicking the bar Clicks on links will open a new tab, instead forcing you to leave the site   Get the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox, for others see below.   That's what happens:     Notifications at bottom right of your desktop: Tag images to spoiler:   How to use  Get it for Chrome   Get it for Firefox   Or 1. Get Tampermonkey for your browser, it's available for mostly all, for Firefox use Greasemonkey 2. Tampermonkey: Import this plugin.zip, Greasemonkey: Import this script 3. post pones   Tampermonkey (Chrome, Opera & Co) You can import the plugin.zip or copy the script into the textarea and hit import. Note: If you paste the script, ignore the error markup, these are just aesthetic errors   Greasemonkey (Firefox)   Tag images Tag images by adding a '#' and the tags, separated by comma:  http://somedomain.com/image.png#suggestive,notSaveForWoona,anotherTag     Update 4   This update is a rewrite and brings a lot new features.   Added: You can configure Disquit now in the settings Added: Extensions Added: Notification filters Added: Themes Added: Sticker albums Added: Improved embeded media (short YouTube links, SoundCloud, Strawpoll and site links of DeviantArt and Derpibooru) Added: Post with return-key Added: Notifications have the discussion title Added: Disquit will work on sites with enabled media-embed, but it will replace the one of Disqus, in case you see gray boxes you need to set "Hide media" in you Disqus settings. Added: Commands similar to Discord Added: Short markup instead tags, the same as Discord such as **strong**. Added: Reload button for the discussion Added: Limit option for attachments Added: Limit for posts in the discussion, this prevent Disqus from getting slow over time, but while enabled, older posts can't be loaded. Added: A lot pony sticker albums Added: Hide spoilers. Posts with spoilers can be completely hidden and won't appear, including their replies. Added: Spoiler tags can be always revealed   Fixed: Issues which appeared in version 3   Stickers!   Update 3   Added: Tags to spoiler images, tag images by adding a '#' and the tags, separated by comma:  http://somedomain.com/image.png#suggestive,notSaveForWoona,anotherTag Fixed: Autoload replies only on your own posts Removed: Userbar, you'll get notifications when new user join. Disqus doesn't serve a signout it seems, waiting for a mail about that.     Update 3 (Beta yet) This will be the last update i guess, it was just for fun and i have serious tons of other work to do. Get the Beta here.   Added: Full notifications on new comments, replies and upvotes Added: A "who's active" sidebar (can show also inactive users, seems Disqus doesn't serve signs) Added: Vimeo and Dailymotion embed Added: all links in posts will open in a new tab, instead forcing you to leave the site Added: Downvotes will be shown Fixed: Crash with Firefox Greasemonkey Fixed: Disqus just added a url verification/tracking kinda what destroys the media attachments, this is fixed in this update
Fixed: Some special links for images and youtube videos Fixed: Avatars now show up in notifications Fixed: Mass notifications if you change sorting Fixed: Some small stuff    
Update 2 Why.. just wanted a hoof upvote, and all i do is seriously extending Disqus with actual useful features. Notification option, will notify new messages if minimized the browser, in another tab or you're reading messages below. Does not notify on replies yet. "Instant mode" immediately shows new messages without clicking the "Show x New Comments", it's also active when notifications are on Fixes for some special links (youtube, images) Button to hide attachments (next to reply) A little separator line inserted when you hit "Show x New Comments" Added missing detail, it should automatically update the plugin in further changes Note: Greasemonkey dies on notifications, update 3 fixes this