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Sketches galore

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I got back to drawing after a few months of hiatus. I haven't really posted any of my art before, but now I'm going to, since there's no better way to force yourself to get better than to know someone will actually see your drawings. ;)

Therefore lo and behold, my today's work:


On DA:

On tumblr:

As I wrote in the description, any tips, remarks and critiques are welcome. I'll be trying to draw about 7 sketches a week as I used to, maybe won't publish them all.

Also, if anyone has any tips in regards to switching from analog to drawing on a tablet they will to be appreciated, as I can't figure this out at all.

Hope you'll enjoy!


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14 hours ago, Princess Rainbow Magic Pants said:

Lookin' good! I'd be happy if I could draw like that. Well, actually I could draw like that if I was given a whole day. How long did it take?

Over one year. To learn drawing like that, I mean. The picture took circa two hours.

If you want to draw, just start. MLP Drawing School on reddit has a lot of great tutorials, that's where I started. And I haven't really drawn anything since elementary school, so I had absolutely no practice for, like 11 years (and I would say I had none for 25 years, because elementary school stuff doesn't really count). Try, draw anything, but do it regularly and it will get better.

And I'm really glad you like it. :) There's more on the deviantart, I'll try to post a new piece today if time allows.

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51 minutes ago, Princess Rainbow Magic Pants said:

Yeah I've done some Artist Training Grounds and I've been happy with the results, but unhappy with the fact that it typically takes three or four hours.

Yes, it is a time consuming task. I usually try to limit myself to max two hours, which takes a toll on quality. I may start just dividing the work between a few days, because more complex drawings will be impossible with that kind of schedule.

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