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PonyGamers Equestrian Adventures is a Multiplayer server inspired by the show My Little Pony:FIM, Explore the Vast lands of Equestria on our Custom Equestria map as closely identical as we can possibly create in Minecraft. (the 2017 map of Equestria created for the movie). Explore as a pony with the Mine Little Pony mod, create magic and tech, sail ships around the vast oceans of Equestria, Meet the mane six and make memories, Roleplay as your OCs and more this server has a wide verity of things to Explore and do.

(Please note the map is still under development so not all equestria towns have been added yet)
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Updated the server/Modpack

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Checked out the pack, amazed that this was (1.05. - 1.7). As a regular MineCrafter, I took great interest in this mod pack. I've downloaded it, and I'm currently waiting for it to load. Thanks for the notice, and I guarantee I'm sure to enjoy it. :)

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