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Toki Zensekai

PAYDAY 2 - 1983 Edition

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Hey all you heisters! If you haven't been keeping up with the news, another DLC (hurray saltstorms!) is coming out tomorrow. Namely the Scarface pack.

That's right, 1983's Tony Montana of the very same movie fame, Scarface, is joining the PAYDAY crew along with his "Little Friend" assault rifle/Grenade Launcher, a Chainsaw, and his Kingpin Perk Deck.

The new Heist has the crew heading back to Florida to destroy a Colombian cartel who decided to screw with The Butcher's weapon shipments and she wants blood spilled, so who better than to enlist one of the deadliest mafia members to assist the PAYDAY gang?

Here are the trailers:

From what I've been reading in the discussion posts, Scar's new Kingpin Perk Deck will be able to favor both Dodge and Armor builds depending on the difficulties, and if you're good at killing a lot of enemies, you might be invincible.

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