If Starlight would become an Alicorn, what would she be the Alicorn of?

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7 hours ago, ABronyAccount said:

Discord merely wanted to rule the world. Starlight has birthed and obliterated entire universes.

I'm pretty certain that's not how quantum physics actually does things, she merely rearranged the existing universe by altering key variables in it's continuity.

It's a bit like going back in time and changing the production run at a factory from coke to Pepsi. The can's the same, and most of the ingredients are the same, but it's a different drink.

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On 05/01/2017 at 9:46 PM, BasementPony16 said:

I refer to her pampered life after her defeat. Six friendships and a home for free, being a student of a princess and no consequences of her past actions, because she is powerful in magic. She actually should have met Trixie's fate, but she hit the Jackpot.

To be fair, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy seem to live in homes that they shouldn't be able to afford, and being Twilight's student essentially means giving up her entire life and her independence. Sure she live in a castle, but she has one room to call her own and absolutely no privacy or control over her life for the duration of the season.

Imagine this, you're an independent adult essentially running not only your own affairs but also controlling an entire town and its inhabitants. You have have your own cottage, your own hench-ponies, and anybody that you can't control through fear you control through magic.

Then you loose all power and control, not only over your subjects but also your own life, and you are at the beck-and-call of a Princess you could in all probability have you turned into stone and used as a lawn ornament in the royal gardens.

So far Starlight has showed up in three mediums, the show, the IDW comic, and the G M Berrow Books. In all three mediums she find Twilight to be overbearing. She longs for privacy and time to follow her own interest, and she frequently tries to go behind Twilight's back and either ditch Twilight's tutelage or to take shortcuts to get exercises out of the way.

It would be like you moving into your guidance councilor's spare room. Only she's also your parole officer, and your faculty advisor, and she's best friends with the local sheriff whose got their eye on you for that pot that you sold around the dorms.

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