The Roleplay Hub (OOC 4th wall breaking casual roleplay)

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As a way to keep this place semi alive while I work on new RPs, and also for shits and giggles among you people, I have decided to create a hub for your characters to explore, talk with others, and do generally whatever you want. 4th wall does not exist here, and dimensions collide or whatever… it’s sort of like the Nexus from Heroes of the Storm. Any character you have made is allowed in the hub, from ponies, humans, aliens, demons, or weird blobs of… something sentient (like the Smooze). You can also talk with your character yourself if you’re lonely.


As for the hub itself, it is an expansive futuristic looking place with various amenities (feel free to be creative, the hub is there for you and do anything you wish). Various doors are on one end with nameplates above them with the names of active and new RPs, you can roleplay your character going in to “spectate” or even join the roleplay if you wish. Everything else you can do is limited to your imagination, so go wild.


However, no place is without rules of course, please abide to the General Forums Rules, as well do not attempt to destroy the hub, I mean you can try… but it won’t work, it self repairs at an alarming rate and weapons can not be drawn inside due to a pacification aura.

Any violation of rules will result in that OC being ejected into a black hole.



Now then, have fun! Go wild! Kill eachother for fun and prof-

“No… no killing… pacify remember?”
Oh right… thank you Shadow… got a little carried away.

“Everything ready yet?”

“Yeah I want to do science.”

One moment let me finish…

“Hey Badshot-”


Not you dummy she meant me…

“Oh right…”

“Why do you two share the same name again?”

“It’s just my codename, also it was his idea ask him.”

Because my original intention when making you in that game was not to make you an OC.

Now then what did you need Crystal?

“Is there a place me and Shadow can put our cocoon?”

Uh yeah, it’s over there… should be an empty room.

“It’ll do.”

Ok now where was I?

“You have food here?”

Are you blind?

“Not particularly.”

Then you’d see them…

“I still don’t know where it is.”

How are you a recon when you can’t find food… whatever I don’t have time for this…

Uhh… crap I forgot what I was doing… ah screw it everyone go nuts…

*Badshot returns to his dungeon*



“Hey where are his new OCs at?”

“I think they’re stuck in transit.”


(post entrances or what have ye, I don't care how or when or why, you don't even need an entrance if you don't want to do one just have your person pop up or something)

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*A trans-dimensional portal opens up near the entrance to the hub*
"I'll never get used to that." I say, poking my head through the portal with my horn lit.
*I walk haphazardly through the portal entrance and to the center area, where a park-like area is located. Upon arriving, I sit under a large tree that acts as a centerpiece of the hub. After getting relaxed, I pull out a few books and quills from my saddlebag and start studying under the artificial light.*

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In the central part of the hub, a green pipe starts to emerge from the ground.


A few seconds pass and said pipe spits out a grey unicorn colt from itself, causing him to smack against the ground rather painfully. The green pipe recedes back into the ground soon after.


"Oww..... Didn't know warp pipes could be so rude...."



The colt soon brushed himself off, while checking if anything was damaged in his strange saddlebag on his back from the unexpected crash landing.



"Hmm... Well, this place is most certainly not the Badlands....", the unicorn said aloud to himself while surveying the new surroundings.

'Might wanna pull up my Dual Screen and see where this place is'
The colt proceeds to takes out a strange rectangular device from his back saddlebag, and turns it on.

He is greeted with a map interface and tries to pull up a live map of the current area he's in, but is shown a bottom screen filled with static and a single '?'.



'Seems like this is a new area that the Dual Screen can't get a reading on. I can't tell if this means trouble for me...', the unicorn pondered before eventually putting away in his saddlebag.



"... Might as well ask somebody in here if they can tell me where I am and hopefully get directions to the Badlands, although I doubt they'd know what that place is..."




The grey colt looked around and eventually spotted another unicorn under a tree in the area that appeared to be reading some books.



'I guess I could ask this fellow what this place is.'


"Hey, you! Can you tell me where I am? I seem to have lost my way."





((And that about sums up my contribution caused by sheer boredom and lack of sleep))

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*am startled at being confronted by somepony, extending a large staff, overflowing with magic and pointing it at him*

"Stay away! I'm not afraid to use this! Oh, uh, whoops, sorry, no one is ever here this late, er... early? I don't know what time it is, there's no clocks."

*I compress the staff and put it back in my saddlebag side-pouch*

"Well, hi there. I'm Nova Starlight Aurora. You asked where we are? Well... to put it simply, we aren't anywhere. This place exists outside of space and time, which is why I study here. I can study and read and relax all I want, and time will not pass in my dimension. I have no idea if this is the case in other dimensions, or if other dimensions have different laws of physics and magics (which is why I stay away from other dimensions)."

*I sit and think for a minute, trying to find a way to get rid of him so I can study in peace*

"Oh, there is a billboard over there by the concessions area near the entrance."

*I point at a billboard playing a video of Badshot's low budget introduction sequence*

"That should explain pretty much everything you need to know. Now if you don't mind..."

*Goes back to studying 'Fundamental Theorems of Artificing in Alternate Dimensions and their Strange Phenomena' while rattling the thought that the stallion mentioned the Badlands, which is where I was before coming here*

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The peculiar thing about the place was that there seemed to be a variety of ways one could enter, so it was normal to see a white unicorn wielding a map stumble somewhat confused out of what appeared to be a rocky archway, the moment said unicorn turned however the structure had vanished, leaving him baffled at the sight of a now quaint and ornate fountain

 "Wh...what in the...wasn't I in a cave up to...huh?
Putting the map away I pull out a compass, only to see at my dismay it seemed to be unsure as to where north could even be it this new location, the needle spinning all over the place
"Well talk about getting lost..."

My attention is suddenly taken by the welcoming billboards, looking more and more confused as the introduction video played, I shake my head as I try to make sense of it all.
I finally take a moment to look around, it seemed to be a park of sorts, could've been taken for a real place if it wasn't for the rest of the hub that stretched out around it almost a reminder of the unusualness of the place, my gaze suddenly pauses on a tree, as I recognize the silhouette of another unicorn under it
I trot my way towards them relieved in the knowledge of not being alone

Good day...or night miss, good to see a friendly face here, I was starting to worry I was alone in this place...wherever this is, I seem to have stumbled here while making my way through a cave or something...err oh! sorry where are my manners, my name is Light Landstrider, I'm a traveler, nice to meet you miss...



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*Slightly annoyed at the surplus of ponies coming into my usually quiet study area*

"Hello there Mr. Landstrider, I'm Nova Starlight Aurora, I also, am somewhat of a traveler, but more so for academic purposes. From my time being here, which I've come to call the Hub, I've learned that the place seems to shift and change to accommodate those that inhabit it. It's all here in my notes."

*I rustle through my bag to pull out a standard five-subject notebook filled to the brim with words and sticky notes. It is titled "My Findings while Studying in the Hub Vol. I"*

"For example, I came in through a portal entrance, that colt came in through... I think it was the sewers? And you came in through that rocky cave entrance. And all three of those entrances are gone. I think us three are all that are here as of now."

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"An ever shifting and accommodating place, supposedly for folk to gather I take it? Quite peculiar, I daresay this is the first time I find myself in such a place"
I sit down next to the tree, still looking around somewhat in curious awe, before looking at your notebook

"Mind if I take a look Miss Aurora? If indeed you have studied this place I would love to read what you have so far discovered"

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"I think we're lost... Again."

"Feh, how does this always happen... Wait, is that our text bubbles? Great, that explains why we're in an odd place, RT is at it again."

"Does that mean he's actually going to- wait, why can I talk? What's this around my- I can talk! Oh, joyous day!"

And so, our tortured OCs found themselves wandering into the- OW!

"Guys, he's over here! Or at least, the forum version of him is... Either way, we can interact with him."

Wait, WHAT. I didn't sign up for- OW! Quit that, you ungrateful book horse, I'm trying to put you guys into a place where you can actually do things again!

"Don't care, you engineered everything wrong with us, making at least half of us into tragic characters. You need to be bucked into next millennium as far as I care."

"Are you sure? I mean, it IS out of character time. Or is it? I mean, Forest can wander freely, Splinter Shade doesn't have to worry about being arrested, and heck, Fluffy can talk! Me and Tempest aren't even sharing a body right now, why is this so bad?"

"I appreciate it because it isn't bad, but I still want to kill him for making me a fourth wall breaker by default. I mean, he broke my legs the first RP he used me in!"

"Wasn't that the RP that died quickly thereafter, and didn't the GM give you a clean bill of health-"

Yeah, he did! I stuck him in a cast to try and separate him from Splinter Shade and-

"Excuses, excuses! It was still my time to shine and you threw a boulder at me!"

"My bad. I was hunting roaches in the castle and it got out of wing when Philomena joined in."

"You weren't even created at that point, how could you have-"

"BY THE POWER OF RETCON! Also your tail is on fire."

"Feh, now I have to burn a water wand to-"

Weapon Detected. Pacification Aura Activated.

Umm, that one wasn't me.


"Wait, I thought you were normally the one to torture him? What do you mean that one wasn't you?"

That one was part of the thread. Huh. Guess his wands count as weapons and not utility items.

"Does this mean my teeth and claws aren't affected? What about all of those hooves, or Forest's horn?"

... I'm screwed, aren't I?

"Your words, not his. I'd suggest running. Look on the bright side, at least only half of your OCs are going to be out to kill you."

"Does this mean we can get some real narration, or are we going to be stuck in this mode anyways when Zeke, Splinter Shade, and Fluffy manage to murder him?"

"Guess we'll see when it happens. Knowing RT he'll probably find a way to keep going from beyond the grave, so let's just enjoy the show while we can."


"Wait, tea? I should really sit down, all this chasing is going to give... me... You tricky son of a Gary Stu! Get back here!"

"Dibs on his laptop."

"This is going to be a long thread..."

"Lead him over here, we'll corner him!"

"Maybe if that phoenix would STOP SETTING ME ON FIRE!"

"But this is more fun!"

"Flying is cheating! Wait, I can climb the walls... NOWHERE IS SAFE FOR YOU!"

Aw cripes, was hoping he wouldn't remember that. Huh, Badshot's dungeon? Well, anywhere is better then here right now. TO SAFETY!

"I think any first impressions have been ruined in an instant. Way to go guys. I'm off to find a nice forest away from you."

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Soon a strange light blue portal with rune circles on it opened up, and out emerged various characters of different types, a few ponies, aliens looking things and some that actually appeared human.


BadShot himself then randomly appeared from a doorway, short dark humanoids following him.

Ah good the rest of you are here! Welcome, welcome, I'm sure you all are curious as to what this place is and all, I got an intro thing over there, Wrench here can explain the rest, he's the blue one with the miners hel-... if he was wearing it... whatever he's the blue one.


This one is Fire-Storm... Rookie, and the other Badshot

Simultaneous, "Hello."

Now then, is this all of you? I can't get a headcount...

"Is that intro in braille?"

No Star Charmer it's a video, you can just listen.


Are the new OCs here? Where are they?

"They're over here."

Oh thank you Methan, or Allen... whatever you liked to be called... where's Fern?

"She ran off to the park thing in the center."

Oh boy she's gonna scare the shit out of people I bet. Regardless, they all there?

"We're here, calm down..."

Which one was that, Trethan or Kuchet?


Ah, figured, it's gonna get hard to remember all you're text colors...

"Just use a name format, you have over 20 of them... it'd be hard for everyone else to distinguish eventually."

Hey that's a good idea...

Shadow: "At least I won't be the bold text anymore..."

Oh you know you liked it, yours was bigger than everyone elses.

"Hey can I join in on this?"

Yes imagination you can... you had a part in their creation, and the thread as well, only seems fair.


Ok, I'll leave you all to get acquainted. Tell Yugo I said thank you for the portal to get you all here. I'm gonna go make sure Fern doesn't give someone a heart attack.

Methan Allen: "I'll come with, I know her better."

I made her...

Methan Allen: "Yes and you made her naive an' curious, an' spastic as hell when angry, I don't know 'bout you but she don't exactly hurt me any."

Fair enough...


Meanwhile the various characters explore the Hub, staying in groups respective to their particular 'universe'. Conversing with one another and asking the small Knight Wrench various questions.


Fern, a green floran with flowers in her 'hair' (which was pretty much just leaves), found Nova under the tree, and slowly and cautiously 'stalked' towards her, hiding in bushes and the like with almost deaf movements until she was in the tree above her, hanging off a branch and looking at her book in curiosity.

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"What in the world?!"
Nova having vanished into nowhere I looked around before seeing the creature in the tree

I leap out of under the tree, somewhat nervous, as I try to understand what....that creature is 

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Bah too late it seems...

Methan Allen: Fern get down from there...


Fern proceeds to drop out of the tree and lands on her feet in a crouched position before standing upright and shuffling over to the bright green novakid.


The hell did Nova go anyway?

"Think she opened a portal or something, the Floran really freaked her out hehe"

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((Sheesh, it's not a good idea to post in these kinds of things if you're gonna be off to work the next day...))


"... WOAh!... I blacked out for a good while there.... Did that mare respond to me? Might as well check my personal 'chat' log to find out.", the colt said after shaking off what was a fierce mental and physical blackout.



Proceeding to pull up mental 'chat' history, the grey unicorn reviewed what the mare told him.


'Let's see... So this place exists outside of space and time, which explains why my Dual Screen couldn't pull up a live map of this place. It usually only gives me back static if there's a supernatural force interfering with my Dual Screen or in areas outside of normal space and time. Usually....'

'So there's also a billboard relaying info on what this place is... And a concessions area! Good to know. Wonder if the sell Dalokohs Bars....'

The colt then proceeds to scan the hub for said billboard and spots it near both the concession area and what looks like to be an entrance/exit to this place. Said billboard seems to be playing a video


'Might as well start watching it. Not gonna figure out how to get out of here otherwise.'

The colt walks over to the billboard, but not before noticing all the 'eccentric' individuals that appeared during his black out. There were a few strange aliens, and some even appeared to be humans of all things.


'..... Maybe I should watch the video naw, it'll probably help me understand what I'm seeing right now'

He arrives in front of the billboard and starts to watch the video.



*A few mins later*



'... That was really fuckin' cringy. But useful nonetheless', the unicorn thought while approaching the concession stand and hopefully buying something to eat and drink before getting back to the Badlands.


'Come to think of it, that whole video basically pointed to this place being some strange physical representation of an Internet forum's subsection for roleplaying'

'And that kinda signals to me being some individual's character that they use to use in said roleplays, or a representation of themselves for all I know..'





'Meh, not the most mind-breaking thing I've processed', the colt solidified in his mind before approaching a stand in the concession area.


"Let's see.... Based on the video I watched.... I most likely could buy a Dalokohs Bar from here.", He said to himself before scanning a menu above him.


".... Sandvich, Buffalo Steak Sandvich, Fishcake... Ah! there's the Dalokohs Bar! And it only costs 10 credits!
And how about the drinks.... Bonk! Atomic Punch, Crit-A-Cola...... I think I want a Crit-A-Cola right now. And that costs 5.

Good thing I have a bunch of credits I kept from those robot invasions I had to defend against..."

The colt laid the credits needed(which were basically paper money, similar to a certain country's currency in a another dimension) on the strangely vacant cash register. Said money proceeded to disappear as if this place was sentient and accepted the money. Solidified by the fact that the register made an audible *ding* signifying that a sale was confirmed and the sudden appearance of the items he said out load.


"Well, guess that's how it work here then, or there's probably somebody who's supposed to work here or something..."


The unicorn proceeded to eat his chocolate and cola, heading for the entrance of this hub world.


"Gotta eat this stuff fast! I'm already running late as it is to my battle I was supposed to participate in. My team knows how hard it is for me to actually battle for them these days...", the unicorn babbled to himself while approaching a warp pipe that started to emerge from the ground.



".... Can't waste anymore time! Next stop: The Badlands! And actually get me there this time plsthanks", he exclaimed before leaping in.



((And done))

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*I poke my head through Ender's portal, looking in both directions for... whatever that was I saw earlier.*

To self: 'Okay, there's going to be creatures I have never seen before. I need to keep my calm.'

*I take a deep breath, and then breath out to calm myself as I step through the portal and re-situate myself beneath the tree.*

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Make of what?

*toilet spew thing*

Gross is what I make of it... showers are that way.

Methan Allen: "Hope you got janitors."

I do, they'll get it later. Regardless, what exactly is that?

Fern returns her attention to Nova, watching her get sprayed by 'toilet stuff' and giving off a raspy chuckling


The other characters of mine are spread out among the Hub, intermingling with one another.

The other BadShot, the small reddish spiral knight wearing a wolver coat minus the helm, approached the ones at the tree, who will be referred to by his actual name of Joseph.

Joseph: "Yo boss, everything good? Need like a paramedic or something?"

Nah, Nova just got spooked is all, though she could use a shower now.

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[Oh dear, you shouldn't have done that]


*I proceed to teleport myself out of the quicksand and start chasing Ender smacking him with my staff*

In the distance one can hear-


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*A small orange spark appears a meter in the air and sparks for a few seconds before exploding, leaving me hanging in the air for a split second.*

Oof... *I land face-first into the ground* Ow, rough landing. At least it worked this time.

*Wobbly standing up I dust myself, trying to put some of my frazzled mane back into place, I realize what I just said* Wait... It worked?

*I laugh and reach over to my goggles* Ha! That stuffy old coot owes me a week off! It actually works!

*Taking the soot covered goggles off I look around and my expression fades* Or, not exactly... 

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Oh this'll be interesting for sure, but I have other things to do. Allen, you where my newest OC went? I wanna see how she's settling.


Methan Allen: "She's over with your Wakfu people."


Ah, thank you.


*Badshot proceeded to walk over to a group of humanoid OCs and conversed with them, 3 of them appeared human, one looked like an overgrown fairy but was the smallest of the bunch, one was a cat person (not a Khajiit) one was blue, and one had a silver tail and ears*


(A cookie for anyone who guesses what particular series they are from, the one with the silver tail is from a game, the rest are from something else)

Edited by Badshot
Edited a number that was wrong

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"Finally, a nice wooded area away from everyone... Alright, time to rea-"

"Hi, I'm Zolin! Who the hell are you?"


Wait, did I just hear Zolin pop in? How the hell did he get here?

"Ooh, purple upside down talking face! Why are you a purple upside down talking face?"

... I need an avatar to represent me, this is just an old one of me photoshopped to hell and back.

"What's Photoshop?"

"Don't ask, you'll just get a headache. Better you don't know. Why don't you go, I dunno, catch a bug or something? There's a swarm of parasprites over there."

"Do they taste like butterflies? I love butterflies! Imma go catch some!"

... I need a drink.

"Make that two, whatever monster you created there is going to drive everyone insane."

"I heard his voice, he's around here somewhere..."

*Sigh* Come on Forest, let's find a bar.

"Ooh, a big kitty! I wanna keep it!"

"What in the fluff are you!? Get off of me, I'm not a horse to be ridden on- and nor is Zeke!"

At least they'll be occupied for a while.

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