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17 hours ago, Cerebret said:

A few meters away, smack dab in the path of destruction the alien had taken, was a rather stunned Alicorn with VERY messy feathers.


(I believe this is your Alicorn?)


The insect paused in its ink consumption at the sudden drop in the surrounding temperature. It looked up to see the hulking suit of metal that had somehow appeared in the room, and immediately shot up to its feet.


It was impossible. None of the armoured foes the hive mind had implanted in its memory could have been able to sneak up on the scout strain so easily. Did the Swarm's enemies develop a new weapon? In a rare moment of intelligence, the scout decided more information was necessary.


So of course it leapt onto the giant golem with all of its armour piercing teeth and claws.


Which at the moment, it had none.

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While the three of them had their discussion, Uni had been slowly emerging from her hiding spot and mustering up the courage to near them, where she has remained, listening intently to the conversation. 

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(Well, I feel confident to post here, let's give it a shot. My character is a original humanoid character named "zero" made from the series Kingdom Hearts, and his text will be featured in red. If I mess up, please tell me.)


*A blue teleporter opens up, popping out a 17 year male*

*the portal closes*

"Whew, that was a fun trip. Looks like everything is still attached!"

As I look around, I quickly get confused at my surroundings, as this area looks unfamiliar.

"Yep, I am lost"

I quickly decide to sit down at a bench, and try to contemplate where exactly I am. Then I decide, there has to be a map somewhere. To which, I did find one in a store, which I hurry into.

"Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of people."

In spite of the fact that almost no one was in there, imanaged to find a map, to which I go to a checkout stand.

"Uhh, excuse me, anyone home?"

But to no avail, no one really answers. To which I shrug, and I decide to leave the map on the counter, and I proceed to walk out.

"I don't need one, anyway. What I need is some lunch."

So, I decide that I'll just go to a place that serves lunch, if I can find one.



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Deorward observed the two newcomers approach it, one a humanoid plant-like entity fixated on the guardian and the other a more familiar quadruped called a 'Pony'. Its masters had known and associated with Ponies quite well, but its own encounters with them have been few.

Before it could suggest that they identify themselves, another creature leapt directly for the gelid construct. It landed on its shoulder plate, and seemed as if attempting to attack Deorward. For a brief moment, its visor flashed red and it instantly reacted by reaching for the strange life-form, but the guardian was quickly subjugated by whatever force was at work here, reducing it back to its yellow state.

"This Guardian would like to inquire as to the nature of this creature now upon it," Deorward said, still watching the peculiar life-form attempting to defeat it.

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As I was wondering around, I began to hear a lot of loud noises

"That can't be right, maybe I should check it out."

I reasoned with myself that if its just something normal, I would be fine.

As I followed it, I came across a large, circular area with various buildings.

"Think I found the main square, or circle"

I decide to go to a place where I can get coffee, since I figured if I was here, I might as well get something in me. Before I did, I managed to put on some customized leather fingerless gloves made for me.

"This should help just fine"

Granted the fact I pretty much have the worlds sweatiest hands, I made these gloves so whatever I'm holding doesn't immediately fall out of my hands. I also managed to put on a necklace.

"I'll think Ill have a seat until someone shows up"

I didn't want to be rude, but the last place I've been in looked like it hasn't been used in a while, so I sit on a bench, and wait to see if anyone else showed up.


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While Fern and Cesse diverted their attention to the sudden Zerg creature, showing two different reactions. One curiosity and one fear... Again... You guys are going to give the poor girl a heart attack... A small yellow ball of feathers peaked out from under the flap of Ceese's satchel, revealing large eyes and small beak similar to a chicken, and small nubs that appeared to be it arms/wings.


It quickly squeezed itself out from the satchel and began to quickly flap it's wings like a hummingbird, surprisingly, it stays aloft. It quite literally looked like a ball of yellow feathers, but also had two oval shaped orange feet. It was only about a few inches in diameter. Sorta like a large meatball.


It had no idea where it was, so it went towards the first thing it saw, which was a large metal construct. Flying up to its face, it then took interest in the creature on the construct's shoulder, flying near it. It showed a curious expression, completely oblivious to any potential danger, until he is suddenly grabbed by dainty hands belonging to the Eniripsa, who had flown up to retrieve him.

"Tufi, don't do that, how many times have I told you to not fly up to strangers... Especially... Whatever that thing is."

The bird gave back a muffled chirp, clearly feeling guilty.

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*I sit with my chair turned away from the table and towards the open front exit of the coffee shop. I take notes into my notebook with curious awe*

"Is that... a magical automaton?! I've read about them! And the ones I've seen were in decay and nowhere near as advanced as being partially sentient!"

*I take a sip of coffee and don't take my eyes away from this scientific wonder.*

("But what powers them?") I mumble to myself...

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(I'm making some altercations)

*I get up from the bench, and decide to go to a coffee shop, since I was really thirsty*

"Hello, can I get some service he-*

"No way"

*I look around, seeing various different entities*

("Are these people from other worlds, too?") 

*I decide its best not to worry about it*

"These guys could be here for the same reason I am, and if that's the case..."

*I pick up my coffee, and go outside and go back to sitting on a bench, contemplating what I just saw*



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Upon hearing and feeling the rumbles of the golem speaking, the Zerg replied with a threatening growl and continued... attacking the golem with renewed fervour.


Its ink-stained limbs and drool left ugly stains on the metal armour, as the creature continued to gnaw uselessly at the metal shoulder plate with its toothless jaws. It's once-deadly tail thunked against the golem's helmet rather ineffectually.


However, spotting the glowing visor, the Zerg decided that that was definitely a weak point, and thus changed its position, now splattering ink and drool onto the Golem's visor instead of its ruined shoulder plate.

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*I sit up in my shield bubble and turn to the cacophony coming from outside*

"What the hay is goi-"

*I notice the giant golem, the creature trying to chew on it and the several others around it. My vision snaps back to the golem and I roll past Nova and Nightwing like a hamster inside the bubble over to the nearby window. While I hadn't paid it much mind when I bumped into it earlier I begin looking it over*

"No. That couldn't be..."

*I quickly pull a parchment from my bags and unroll it with my magic, revealing a crude schematic of a similar, albeit smaller, construct to the one outside. I hold the parchment side by side to the Golem.*

"No way. That's a Reindeer Automaton! W-what? How? That..."

*I quickly conjure an aetheral yellow quill and start scribbling something on the same parchment. After a moment or two I squint at the construct, trying to make out any more details through the shield tinting my view*

"Just disperse already!"

*I use my hoof to hit the side of the shield. Realizing it won't budge I continue to scribble while grumbling to myself*

"Ugh, stupid shield spells and stupid conjuration teachers, stupid creature eating my stone.."


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Deorward beheld the strange creature as it made vigorous progress in dirtying the ancient construct. It attempted at its visor, likely expecting to weaken it somehow. Unfortunately for it, with nothing inside that but metal and magic, its effectiveness was rather lackluster. As the golem watched, it reflected that the other inhabitants of this realm, like its attacker, would be just as unable to inflict harm as itself, seemingly with different variations.

Deorward could not be brought to handle its sword, become hostile, or act with lethal intent, whereas this creature could. However, it noticed that this creature seemed to be missing appendages in various locations, likely claws, teeth, and other such things capable of doing harm. Thus, it could not do any meaningful damage. The Powers That Be affected the residents of this place in different ways, it appeared.

The construct then reached again for the creature, this time with no ill-will. It picked it up without any interference (but most definitely resistance), in a largely indifferent and non-harmful grasp and stared at it from the now stained visor. Deorward was lacking in initiative thereafter, however, being a subservient entity created to defend and defer to the will of others, and so looked to its newfound acquaintances. "What should this Guardian do with this unidentified entity?"

(I hope I'm not overstepping any boundaries in handling your OC, Cerebret)

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Cesse simply stared at the creature, unsure what to make of it.


Cesse: "I don't know I just don't want it near me..." As she slowly floated a few feet back to distance herself while Tufi also stared from the confines of Ceese's hands.


Fern however had different ideas.

Fern: "Creature looksss tasssty."

Imagination who I gave a voice and allowed to take part: "Fern no, no eating the inhabitants."


Fern then became sad. Sad plant person is sad.

(That's all I got)

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Nightshade finally got to where the giant suit armor and fairy girl were while noticing the alien's sad attempts of physical assault that made him mentally crack up up. And it seems like the 2 are getting tired of the alien after noticing the giant suit just casually removing the alien from itself(and noticing the weird glow where the eyes should poke out of the helmet, confirming that its a living suit and nobody is using it)


So I did what felt best and approached to say, "It that guy annoying you two? I'll gladly take the little scamp off your hoove.. Er, hands for a while?", Nightshade proposed to the two individuals.



"And by the way, the name's Nightshade Remix. You two are?..."

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*noticing a lot of loud noises going on,  I got up, knocking over the cup of coffee I ordered*

"Oh come on! I spent 6 bucks on that coffee!"

*I quickly manage to run to ovover where the ruckas was coming from, to find a broken table*

("looks like things got a little roudy around here") *I think*

*after running to where I saw some black silhoueets, I managed to hop over a small bench, and look on*

"You have got to be kidding me."

*the thing was huge, it looked like a weird armor set, from what i could see*

*I decide to keep my distance, and figure out what to do from there*

"Maybe this can be settled. I just need to avoid throwing myself into the middle of this. I can't draw too much attention"

*So, I dive behind a bush, and carefully look over it at the ongoing battle*




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(Tis' fine, Dear Sir Knight.)


The Zerg, product of careful genetic engineering, deadly biological weapon...


Squeaked as it was lifted single-handedly by the metal Guardian. Sensing it's vulnerable position, it hissed and squirmed, trying its utmost to free itself. With its deceptive strength, it almost did.


The alien eventually settled on trying to gnaw its way out of the metal vice that was the construct's hand. It's dangling, thrashing tail nearly swatted Fern's face.

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Fern reacted by attempting to catch the tail as it swung, she frantically, though fruitlessly, attempted to grab it again and again. Why? Probably to eat it or something...


Cesse looked down at the equine referring to her and the construct.

"Oh um, I don't know... it's more up to him I guess." Referring to the construct, "Oh and I'm Cesse, and this is Tufi." She holds out the little chicken like being in her hands that looked like a ball of yellow feathers.

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"Such an array of creatures, all in one place. The place certainly is something." I mumble to myself.

*I'm leaning so far in my chair that I actually fall over face first, popping my bubble.*

"Ouch, whoops."

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(Hey, nova. Mind if I start this with you, I need to get some back story on my character done.)


*I quickly get up from the bush, rushing over*

"Hey ma'am, are you alright?"

*I pick up the chair, and place it back upright*

"You know, I tend to make those mistakes too"

*pushing the chair into place, I extend my hand, thinking that she may need help getting up*

"Do you have a name, miss? We all usually have those."

"what a great start", I think

"They call me Zero."


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(No need to ask in an open RP, just jump in!)

*I look up at the creature helping me*

"Oh, thank you sir, I was too far into my studies I didn't realize I was leaning so far."

To self: "Hmm, a bipedal creature. Scalpel hair, seems like a lack of or a small amount of fur. Several long digits instead of hooves, seems like a human- or a humanoid creature. Can't be sure if they're human or not, especially here."

*After getting my bearings, I continue communicating*

"I am Nova Starlight Aurora, you can call me Nova or Ms. Aurora, whichever you so choose, I don't have a preference. Here, Zero, let me order us both coffee."

*I signal the barista who brings over two glasses of coffee and I hand him some bits.*

"So, what brings you here? Was it accidental- like most individuals' first trip? Or was this trip intentional? I'll answer first. I use this place as a study of a sort. It's cheaper than renting a room at an inn or a tavern, since I can come here at any time via my magic."

(These kinds of questions are good for developing a character. What I do, is I add to my backstory on the character list here in the RP section as I further develop Nova. Might be a good idea as you further develop Zero.)


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*I find a seat, pull back the chair*

"The trip was intentional, I generally needed a vacation. And I am a Keyblade Wielder. We are considered warriors. We have these things called "Keyblades" which allows us to unlock specific worlds."

*I calmly tug on my jacket, since the shoulder pad was getting loose*

"there are two main "factions". The wielders of light, who defend the light and the people. And the wielders of dark, who uss darkness to collect hearts."

*I fumble through a pocket in a small bag, and I hand her a picture of a large garden district, with aligned rows of delicate flowers*

"This is where I'm from. We call it Radiant Garden. Sadly, it is also the place where the fighting between forces of light and darkness are heaviest."

*I sigh, leaning my arm against the top of my chair*

"Every day its the same thing, fight the dark, protect the light. I'm just sick of it. That's why I came here. I needed some time off from that chaos."

*I turn, and fold my arms onto the table*

"So, a study, ah? I like to study astrology. Though my friends tell me its a waste of time. Why try to study what we already know? But as much as we like to think that we know everything, we don't. That's the miracle of science."

*I tug on my gloves*

"Man, i need to get some tighter fiting ones. But, thanks for the coffee."

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"Well, you know what they say: Without the dark, there cannot be light. I just do what I feel is right. Even if it is morally ambiguous."

*I look down at the ground, as if I was slightly troubled by something. I then shake my head and go back to my normal self.*

"Anyhow, 'Keyblade' warriors? That's the first I've heard of them. Must be outside of my home dimension. I've only been to one dimension that has bipedal creatures like yourself. They called themselves 'huemans.' Are you a hueman? You look just like them. They must also be a cross dimensional species like equines."

*With a slightly puzzled look, I ask:*

"What do you mean by 'unlock worlds'? Perhaps that's something lost in translation... or a ritual of some sort? Also, you said you study Astrology? It's an interesting course, I did a little bit of study on it during my Artifice classes. Some aspects are required for rune writing."


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*with a slight adjustment, I take out a pen and paper, and begin drawing*

"Yes, I am a human. However, some aren't, and that's the beauty of it. Anyone can wield a Keyblade given the right circumstances."

*I draw a small keyhole*

"This may look like an ordinary keyhole, but in reality, its the heart of the world. Consider it a way of travel between worlds, and it is our responsibility to make sure that they are closed. When they close, they disappear."

*I hold my hand up, and a large sword shaped Key appears in my hand, which I gently place on the table*

"This is what we use to close keyholes. Now, it isn't easy to get one of these. Here's the thing, you don't chose what you get to wield, they get to choose who wields them, and the shape of it represents what your heart is."

*the blade vanishes in a bright light, when then the light dissipates*

"Cool, huh? Also, I saw you look down. Is something an issue? Because you can talk about with me, if you wish."

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