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Azalea Floria

Help a pony out(Trading topic)

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Well, the time has come for this pone to let go of her old TF2 items, I suppose its for the best seeing how I'm probably never gonna be touching TF2 again and I really could use the money right now, I'm offering


Unusual Milkman: Clean, Terror-Watt effect, selling it at $35

Strange Wrench(renamed) with Basic Killstreak added, $1.50

Strange Crusader's Crossbow(renamed) $2


All these cosmetics I'm selling them all for a dollar each, overpriced I know but I need the money, this is more like if you just want to be generous and lend some help~

I've got:


The Chronoscarf (Medic)

The Breakneck Baggies (Scout)(Painted: Noble Hatter's Violet)

The Delinquent's Downvest (Scout)(Painted: Noble Hatter's violet)

Thermal Tracker(Scout)

The Dogfighter (Engineer)

Boston Boom-Bringer(Scout)(has "Crafted by" written in description)

The Heat of Winter (Medic)(Painted: Noble Hatter's Violet)

The Idea Tube(Engineer)

The Five Month Shadow(Sniper)

The Golden Garment (Sniper)(Level 100)(Crafted by me)

The Medicine Mannpurse(Medic)(has "Crafted by" written in description)

Flashdance Footies (All-Class)(Painted: The Color of a Gentlemann's Business pants)

Antlers (All-Class)(Crafted by me)

The Digit Divulger (Scout)(Painted: Muskelmannbraun)

Buckaroo's Hat(Engineer)

Boxcar Bomber (All-Class)

Ol' Geezer(Engineer)(Crafted by me)(Level 2)


There's a lot more others, but you can take a look here


Unique/Yellow weapons and skins are given away for free to those who want them


Unusual Medic Hat/"Bubbly Personality" and the Vintage hat are not for sale


Even if you're just passing by here, your thoughts are appreciated. I only accept PayPal transactions, Items will be delivered through Steam trade offers once payment has been made.



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On 1/11/2017 at 10:23 PM, Azalea Floria said:


if you got a gift wrap and $1 its all yours, giving any more than $1 is up to you~

I has been busy, but I shall send you the giftwrap soon, and expect a $5~

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