My ideas for pony-themed TF2 weapons.

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I made this at least a year ago, and feel like posting this here. I'm completely fine with this getting buried.

Rainbow Scout:

The Spitfire:

Damage taken is stored as Fire

When Fire is full, it can be activated, giving unlimited jumps, + 30 damage, + 15% resistance to all damage

Marked for death for 10 seconds after Fire runs out.

The Soaryn:

+3 damage

-5% incoming damage on wearer

+7% push force from incoming damage on wearer

-3% speed on wearer


The Fleetfoot:

Replaces jumps with Flight: jump button makes you ascend slowly, crouch makes you descend quickly, pressing neither makes you slowfall, horizontal speed is unaffected. 

-25% bullet spread

-15% ground speed


+10% Speed

+10% damage

+5% damage resistance

15% chance of missing


Enemies in splash area take 5 damage a second and are slowed by 10% for 5 seconds.

Storm Shaft:

Hitting an enemy builds 1/8th of you Static meter. When the Static meter is full, alt-fire fires a fast, piercing, frictionless lightning projectile that deals 10 damage and stuns enemies for 4 seconds.

-75% melee damage

Description: Not like that you perverts!

Cloud Kickers:

Level 5 Back Hooves

Alt Fire launches you toward where you're facing at high speeds, any enemy hit takes 55 damage

-50% swinging speed


Bright Eyes's Boom Blaster:

+25% damage against buildings

-40% blast radius

+5% damage

Muffin Bag:

Level  -12 Saddlebag

Fire drops a muffin basket [medium health pack]

Takes 20 seconds to reload

What Went Wrong:

Level 10 Iron Plot

Alt Fire activates Sit There And Do Nothing, doing 150 damage to enemies landed on, but causing 50 damage and slowness for 3 seconds on miss

-100% melee damage

Heavy Macintosh:

The Big Brother:

+30% damage

No movement while firing

-10% movement speed while revved up

Sweet Apple Pie:

When used: +150 health and gives Full Stomach (20% damage resistance, -5% movement speed)

The Big Buck:

Alt Fire takes 1s and does 4X damage 

-15 health on wearer

Pinkie Pyro:

The Baby Dragon:

+33% Damage

- No afterburn

-15 health on wearer

The Party Popper:

Level 11 Flare Gun

Enemy gains +5% speed but takes +25% non-fire damage

-40% damage

-5% afterburn damage

The Sweet Not Sour:

Hit allies get +20% speed and do +5% damage for 10 seconds, takes 5 seconds before they can be hit again

-25 damage

[looks like a slightly open bag of sugar attached to a plank]


The Righteous Fury:

Builds Rage when teammates in sight range are hit

Rage goes down over time

When Rage meter is full, activate for 10s of invincibility, +15% movement speed, and minicrits

-15% firing speed


Projectile does 15 damage to enemies and +10 health to teammates

[2s delay between throws]

[Actually an apple]

Bucky McGillaguddy & Kicks McGee:

Level 9001 Back Hooves

Alt Fire attack takes 2X as long but does 3X the damage

-15% swinging speed


The "No Joke":

Has a different effect on each class

-50% damage

-50% firing speed

[Scout: 5s Fluctuating turning speed, Soldier: 4s +20% self-damage, Heavy: 6s -95% movement speed, Demo: 3s of randomly moving mouse, Pyro: Flamethrower makes bubbles for 3s, Engie: Melee only for 5s, Medic: Primary only for 3s, Sniper: Primary only, no scoping for 5s, Spy: Primary only for 2s]

The Brewer's Bomber:

Causes a random effect

Projectiles activate on surfaces

(Projectiles can be detonated mid-air)

Totem Pole:

Does 75 damage plus strong bleed

Breaks on hit or miss

(Needs to be refilled at Supply Locker)


The Relatively Speaking:

Alt Fire: A dramatic pose stuns all nearby players and gives passion (Mini-Crits) to nearby teammates

-20 damage

[Alt Fire takes 20 seconds to recharge]

The High-Pitched Whine:

Slows nearby players

+3s sap time

The Instant Makeover:

Changes color of enemy killed and switches the colors in the kill feed

The Makeup Kit:

Disguises are instant and make no sound

- No Cloak


The Star Scope:

Allows you to double scope by holding Alt Fire

No movement and +10% damage vulnerability while double scoped

+1s de-scope time

Slowness Potion:

Causes -20% movement speed to enemies

My Book:

+20% swinging speed

-20 damage


Bunny Gun:

Shoots bunnies that latch on to hit enemies and cause slow but constant damage until the enemy either takes some other form of damage or is healed by a medic for 5 seconds.

Clip Size: 1 Ammo Total: 20

Refilled by standing near a bunny that either has been knocked off or killed who it was attached to, or going to a cabinet. 

Slow rocket-like reload

The Healing Tree:

[Looks like a log with a handle and visible team-colored healing magicy stuff inside]

-10% healing rate

+Heals teammates for 6 seconds after beam leaves them

Uber heals all teammates and self and does constant slight damage to enemies in about a five-man radius

The Sharpened Rage:

[Looks like a large piece of bark with vines]

-10 damage 

Gain melee minicrits, full health, 15% damage resistance, and +2 health a second for 7 seconds after a teammate you've been healing for over 20 seconds dies.

-Unable to use medigun while under effects


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32 minutes ago, Nova S. Aurora said:

Here's a good website that I use for models and textures and stuff. No stat changes, of course.

Can't overstate how much I recommend that site if you want TF2 pony mods. All of mine are from there and they've got a lot of stuff. And if what you seek hasn't been made ask around and someone eventually will. 

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