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World War II Vidya

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Many early/mid 2000's games, from what it seemed like, was a lot (and I mean, A LOT!) of World War II games like Battlefield: 1942, OG Call of Duty (Remember those days?), and so much more that just listing it all could last just as long as World War II itself! 

So there was this one me and my brother loved to bits (and played Multiplayer a lot together!) called Heroes of the Pacific (For the PlayStation 2) where you're just this fighter pilot in the Pacific Theater flying cool planes in major battles like Iwo Jima, Midway, Wake Island, and even defending Pearl Harbor! (I remember a glitch in the game where the entirety of Pearl Harbor flooded with water and just become the ocean. Mom just said it happened Irl because the Zeroes were superbly powerful planes that brought flooding as well.) 

Even when my grandma came over and saw us playing said game, she told us "Well, that's your grandpa right there!" 

Gosh, this game brings so many memories to me and my brother. If only I'd find my PS2 and see how actually historically accurate it is (The back on the box claims its so historically accurate that it's like my grandpa is in there flying his B-17) since little me didn't care about history...or cool planes. 

Theres also Call of Duty back when it was mostly WW2, but most people know of the days Call of Duty wasn't modernized.


TL;DR: World War II vidya gaems. Discuss.

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Medal of Honor was my shit, especially with Frontline and Allied Assault. I was disappointed when they went Modern to ride the MW hype train, especially considering MOH was responsible for making WWII shooters popular in the first place. 


On that tangent, I really hope CoD attempts to do WWII again and takes a break from Modern/Future, and go all the way, get Giacchinno to do the OST and all


Also, stop doing Borderlands/Battleborn Gearbox, and finish off Baker's story in BIA

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