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New Leaf

Fallen Leaves (fallout equestria audiobook)

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This particular fanfic is special in the way that it is not one to read along but moreso to listen along, to get immersed in the post apocalyptic world and feel the environment and get a much better "wastelander vibe" if that makes any sence, anyhow chapters go around 20 minutes an come out every 2-3 weeks, editing takes a while but the end result is usually all worth it, most of my channel focuses on that warm fuzzy pony feeling and this project goes perfectly with it so enjoy^^:HappyPinkie:

below i will list both play list and the newest chapter as well as when new ones are released everypony

this play list currently has 4 chapters newest one being theĀ  one below^^:awesomecheer:

With that i thank all you lovely ponies for reading bye-bye :stahp:

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