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2 hours ago, Sparklefan1234 said:

Here's Pinkielicious.



This is my favorite ponylicious video so far. Pinkie's high energy just adds to the cuteness in my opinion. 


More anime Pinkie!



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Since Pinkie Pie is a party pony, she decided to give us all a calendar of upcoming birthdays:


March 30th - Madeleine Peter's Birthday

March 31st - Ashleigh Ball's Birthday


April 6th - Kathhleen Barr's Birthday

April 28th - Gummy's Birthday (day before "Party of One" aired)

April 29th - Pinkie Pie's Birthday (day "Party of One" aired)


May 19th - Kelly Sheridan's Birthday


June 13th - Daniel Ingram's Birthday
June 17th - Amy Keating Roger's Birthday


July 19th - Andrea Libman's Birthday
July 25th - Lauren Faust's Birthday


Aug 21st - Cathy Weseluck's Birthday

Sept 7th - Michelle Creber's Birthday

Oct. 10th - MLP:FIM's birthday :P

Oct. 30 - Tabitha St. Germain's Birthday; Peter New's Birthday



Dec. 3rd - Twilight Sparkle's Birthday ("Sweet and Elite" aired)

Dec. 10th - Spike's Birthday ("Secret of My Excess" aired)

Dec. 30th - Jayson Thiessen's birthday


*If you have more birthdays to include, feel free to post them. 

by LimitBreaker13



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Pinkie: What?! I have two birthdays? That's unfair.

Fluttershy: Just make your official birthday July 19. That way we can celebrate it together. 

Pinkie: Good idea Fluttershy! Problem solved!




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