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EQUESTRIA part 6: The darkness returns

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Nightmare Moon stepped forth and revealed herself to the shivering and scared crowd of ponies. Dark Blue shroud was coming from behind her, covering small bits of ground and wall around her. Twilight was visibly the most scared of them all. Nightmare Moon looked over the crowd from the left to the right.



Nightmare Moon: It has been so long since i was here.



The cowering mayor angrily but nervously spoke to her.



Mayor: Who, who are you?



Nightmare Moon: Don't you know who i am? Don't you remember me? HAS CELESTIA REALLY WIPED ME FROM ALL YOUR MINDS!?!



Rainbow Dash stood up and angrily yelled at her.



Rainbow Dash: What did you do with the princess?!



Nightmare Moon disappointedly looked down and laughed.



Nightmare Moon: Your princess. Your princess is a coward and a thief! She selfishly claimed the throne for herself while I WAS ALONE AND IGNORED BY EVERYONE! She took what should have belonged to me and BANISHED ME IN RETURN! All because she was afraid of me.



She spreaded out her black wings.



Nightmare Moon: So i ask you again. 



She angrily stamped on the ground while the dark blue shroud, coming from behind her started to cover more wall around her.



Nightmare Moon: Do you remember me!?



The crowd looked at her. More scared and now even more confused.



Nightmare Moon: You really don't seem to remember me?



Then Twilight stood up and spoke to her.



Twilight: I do.



Twilight and Nightmare Moon looked at each other. Nightmare Moons facial expression turned into a slight smile.



Nightmare Moon: Well, well, well. It seems that at least one of you remembers me. Tell me, do you know my name?


Twilight Sparkle: Yes i do. You are Nightmare Moon.


Nightmare Moon: Hahahahahaha. That is right, TWILIGHT SPARKLE. I AM NIGHTMARE MOON!



Twilight got very confused for a second.



Twilight: How do you know my...



Nightmare Moon quickly interrupted her.



Nightmare Moon: I know a lot of things about you, Student of Celestia.



Rainbow Dash yelled at her again.



Rainbow Dash: It doesn't matter what you know about her! Tell us where the princess is!


Nightmare Moon: Your princess is weak! She is not worthy of ruling you. So I got rid of her.



Everypony gasped in shock at this. Twilight the most.



Nightmare Moon: From now on I WILL RULE YOU! And from this day on, you all will live with my beautyful gift. The gift of eternal night and darkness.



Twilight confidently spoke to her with a loud voice.



Twilight: Even without Celestia, the elements of harmony can still defeat you!



Nightmare Moon slightly gasped and whispered to herself for a moment.



Nightmare Moon: The elements?



At this moment pegasus guards armed with spears stormed through the door and windows into the hall, charging towards Nightmare Moon.



Nightmare Moon: Stand back you fools!!!



She began to charge a beam on her horn and two unicorns made of the darkblue shroud stepped out of the shroud from behind her while the ponies in the crowd started panicking, screaming and running around. Twilight shielded herself in a lightpurple glowing sphere. The shadow ponies started shooting beams at the flying guards, knocking them back and to the ground where they remained motionless.



Rainbow Dash looked at Twilight.



Rainbow Dash: We have to fight her!


Twilight: No, it's no use. We cannot fight her.



She looked at Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie who where near her and still unharmed.



Twilight: Quick! We must get out of here! Follow me!



They started running towards the exit. But then Nightmare Moon shot a huge blue glowing energybeam at the guards at the exit, obliterating them and blasting a huge hole through the wall. A cloud of dust covered much of the hall and rocks came crashing down from the ceiling, knocking down a few guards that failed to dodge them while the ponies were running around the hall, screaming and desperatly to escape. Twilight extended her shield to protect the others around her from the falling debris. Then dust slowly began to settle and the exit became clearer for her to see.



Twilight: Quick, this way!



They runned out of the hall and Twilights shield disappeared. All the guards were down and Nightmare Moon looked after Twilight and the others.



Nightmare Moon: You can't run away from me, Twilight Sparkle! I will find your elements.



The two shadow unicorns stepped back into the shroud and it slowly began to shroud Nightmare Moon too.



Nightmare Moon: And i will find you. As i, am FREE!!!



She disappeared into the shroud and it flew out of the hall and into the forest behind it. The hall collapsed. And at the same time Celestia passed out from the pain the prison was inflicting on her. Meanwhile, everything was quiet in the library. Then a noise could've been heard on the door. The door opened and Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie Pie entered the library. Twilight turned on some lights while the others tried to take some deep breaths from the exhausting running. Twilight quickly began to search the bookshelves.



Twilight: Where is it? Where is it?


Applejack: Ähm, may i ask what you're searching for? Maybe we could help ya?


Twilight: I'm searching for the book about the elements of harmony. It may be the only thing that could help me.



Rainbow Dash angrily asked her.



Rainbow Dash: What is this all about? What elements? And why does this Nightmare Moon know your name? You aren't from here are you?



Pinkie Pie began to look over the bookshelves. Rainbow Dash started walking around nervously. Twilight stopped searching and went over to the table where the orther four of them came together.



Twilight: Listen. I know you all have many questions. I wish i could answer those questions for you. But here are things going on here that even i can't comprehend. It's better when you leave now.


Applejack: Listen sweety. We're worried about you. We wanna help but we can't help you if you don't tell us what's going on.



Twilight looked down and took a deep breath.



Twilight: Alright. I'll tell you what i know. Over the last weeks i kept having those nightmares about a dark creature chasing me in my dreams. I tried to search for an answer. And i found out that the pony of darkness, Nightmare Moon was about to break free from her prison in the moon. I tried to warn the Princess, i tried to find out more about her and save everypony, but i was too late. I don't know how but for some reason she was connected to me, she knew who i was. But i know something too. I know that with some powerful artefacts, called the elements of harmony, she can be stopped. If only could find out more about the...



At this moment Pinkie Pie pulled a red book out of the bookshelf.



Pinkie Pie: Elements of harmony? I fouuuuuund it!



The others looked over to her and Twilight grabbed the book with her magic, put it on the table and opened it. All of them gathered around it.



Twilight: The elements of harmony are six powerful artefacts representing the attributes of kindness, laughter, generosity, honesty and loyalty. Only when those five attributes come together the sixth one will be revealed. The last known location of the elements was the old castle ruin in the Everfree forest.



The others looked at Twilight, nervously.



Applejack: It is strictly forbidden for every citizen to enter the Everfree forest.


Fluttershy: Who knows what's in there.


Rarity: There must be another way.


Twilight: No. There is no other way. I have to go to the Everfree forest and find those elements.



She closed the book and began to walk away from the table. Applejack quickly went after her.



Applejack: Whoa whoa wait here for a second, sweety. You're not going there alone, aren't you?


Twilight: I must find the elements to defeat Nightmare Moon. I don't need your help with that. I don't wanna drag you any further into this. This is something i must face alone.


Rainbow Dash: Just hold on there for a sec. You didn't think that you could leave us here, do you?


Rarity: We gotta save the princess.


Rainbow Dash: Yeah. I'm gonna fight this Nightmare Moon, and save Equestria!


Fluttershy: I don't wanna stay here, alone, at night.



Twilight looked at all of them, surprised at their courage.



Applejack: You don't have to face this alone, sweety. We can help you find those elements.


Twilight: Are you sure about that?


Applejack: You can count on it!


Rainbow Dash: Let's do this!


Pinkie Pie: Yiiieh!



Rarity nodded and Fluttershy gave a slight smile to Twilight. Twilight looked down for a second and then at them again with more confidence in her eyes.



Twilight: Alright. Let's find the elements of harmony.

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I just changed forest of oblivion to Everfree forest to be more accurate to the source material. Forest of Oblivion began to feel wrong to me.

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I'm torn between keeping Arolius or replacing him with Shining Armor because i have no idea how to continiue Arolius path in the story without making it feel cheap and shitty.


Dang. Part 7 might take longer than i hoped it would.

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In early February 2019 was the last time i was writing on part 7 and back then it was around 25 percent complete.


Since then, i couldn't really get the right motivation and tap into that special feeling i need to passionatly continiue writing on it further. I also don't really have a plan on how to continue the story further in a way that is good and makes me happy. The first half was planned out perfectly and nailed it down perfectly. But after that i just lacked a clear vision on where to go next.


I have some ideas for the future and i DEFINITLY will try to finish the story. But when i do that, i'm gonna do it right.


And once again. Replacing Arolius with Shining Armor so that the story makes more sense and feels more natural keeps pulling on me.

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