Speculation on What Season 9 (The Last Season?) of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Will Be Like:

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Speculation on What Season 9 (The Last Season?) of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Will Be Like:



 Speculation: How Grogar will be introduced. 

          Well, I believe we will be introduced to him around or at the end of the Season 9 premiere, and find out that he is responsible for Sombra’s return.  Also, as I speculated before, we may (throughout the season) find out that he was responsible for the dark magic (Nightmare, Pony of Shadows, etc..) being in Equestria.


I also feel that with him being hyped up as the baddest of the bad in the series, that the Mane 6/7 will have to gain some kind of power (similar to Season 4) to fight him.




 Speculation:  Like the Pillars in Season 7, Gusty and Her Unicorn Warriors will turn out to be real, and that power that I said the Mane 6/7 will need to gain to fight Grogar, well that power will be identical to the Power of Gusty and Her Unicorn Warriors.

However, the major difference will be, that when the Mane 6/7 use that power, it will temporarily turn them into Alicorns to fight Grogar, with Twilight (already an Alicorn) growing to Celestia size in the process.




 Speculation:  Romance will finally be centered on members of the Mane 6/7 and Spike.

          What I mean by this, is that a number of MLP Ships may finally happen.



 ship: Rarity x Spike, now should they go down this route and finally make this ship a reality, they could do it in a very subtle way.  Meaning, that they could use an episode to make it official, but have done in a way, so that when the next episode comes around, it be like it never happened, but you’ll know it did.



 ship: Starlight x Sunburst.  Now should they finally test this ship, it could really be interesting to see how they set it up, so that their friendship grows into something more throughout the season, till finally we get to the episode where the romance between the two finally happens.



 Ship: That would be Spike and AppleJack, that is if the writers want to take their little teasing joke from the MLP SDCC 2018 panel seriously and make it a reality.

I mean if you ask some fans, they will say that there is plenty of evidence on the show to make it happen.



 ship: Once again, this one has Spike as part of it, but this is one no one has thought of yet, you ready for this: Spike x Autumn Blaze. 

Think about it, this character is already gaining a fanbase, and she hasn’t even officially debut yet.

And knowing how this show works, they are probably already planning to bring her back in Season 9, and should they do that, I think an eventual meeting with Spike is very likely to happen.

I mean the way I picture it, is Autumn Blaze comes to Ponyville to meet up with Fluttershy and AppleJack.  Now in the process, they introduce her to the rest of the Mane 6/7, which of course includes Twilight, thus Twilight introduces Spike who enters the picture, he and Autumn make eye contact, and you go from there.

Also, think of this way, Autumn is a Kirin (pony/dragon hybrid with antlers), and hey Spike could get the best of both worlds here.  And besides, some of you want him to be over Rarity, right?




 Speculation:  Celestia will ascend to a higher plane and join the Alicorn’s (original guardians of Equestria) that came before to watch over Equestria in Spirit, and Twilight will be chosen to be her successor.

Or She will step down, and chose Twilight to be her successor, and then follow the same path her original mentor, Starswirl has been doing, and that’s travel across the world, helping other ponies and creatures along the way.




 Speculation: The Mane 6/7 will pass down the Elements of Harmony to The Young/Student 6/5?, thus allowing them to move on with their lives, knowing Equestria’s future is in good hooves/hands.




 and Final Speculation:  As I mentioned at the start, with Grogar being hyped as this big bad, basically the Thanos of MLP: FIM, what if like Thanos, in one last ditch effort to win, he pulls out a trump card by casting a magic spell that softly reboots/retcons everything, thus leading us in G5 (should it happen) on a cliffhanger, that would make you want to watch G5 when it premieres to see what happened or is the end result.

Now I wouldn’t put past the creative team to do this, especially if it gets the MLP Community to tune into G5 when it premieres (should it do so).



Anyway, those are just my speculations on what could happen/occur come Season 9 (should it be the last season of FIM).  But what do you think, do you agree with my speculations? What are yours? Let me and everyone else know.


God Bless and Take Care.


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I don't think romance between the mane 6 and spike will ever happen. The closest we will get to Canon ships are side characters like cadence and shining armor or big Mac and sugar Belle.

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Ironically, as a Sombra-fan, I hope they don't bring him back.

1. All his development and lore (Amore, Hope, the Umbrum, etc.) from the comics? Would be gone in an instant -- and replaced with the Generic Doomsday Villainy he was originally criticized for.

2. Most likely, he'd just become Snoke-like fodder to make Grogar look good, thus angering a lot of us Sombra-fans and jading our very-first impression of Grogar.

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You got some awesome ideas there, mate.


Making Grogar the final villain is a great idea. But bringing back Sombra? Not really. I like Sombra (even though he was completly wasted in the show and i've never read the comics and won't read them anytime soon). Was bringing back Sombra one of your ideas or did anything got leaked or fake leaked or something and that stated that Sombra will return in S9?


Anyway, what would Sombras role be? How could his "Character" be executed or improved? Would he just come back to distract the mane 6, or get some stuff done for Grogar only to be blown up again? I can't imagine him getting reformed.


What would Grogars origin be like?


Him beeing responsible for the dark magic and beeing responsible for past incidents sounds also interesting but also would make him a lil bit overpowered and cliched.


The mane 6 temporaly turning unicorns, ähm. I'm sure some fans would get upset about that. I personally don't hate that idea and Twilight growing Celestia size would be good foreshadowing into becoming Celestias sucessor.


Celestia ascending into a higher existence or stepping down sounds good.


The mane 6 passing on the elements of harmony too. (If they'll still be relevant after not beeing really relevant and used for a while now. The mean 6 episode doesn't really count to me)


Grogar rebooting the entire world by casting a spell? Great idea, but wouldn't the supossedly G5 be more like a G4,5 then when it's still somewhat connected to the G4 world?


G4 also wasn't connected to previous generations. It would be interesting to see but i prefer G5 to be a complete reboot than to be still connected to the G4 universe.



And here is my (controversial) idea. How about Grogar casting a spell in a last ditch effort and somehow killing Applejack? EASY, i don't hate Applejack and i don't want her to die. It also would be a lil bit too dark for that show. But after seeing some people speculating about that, i once again can only say that it would be interesting (but also sad) to see that.


What i would suggest is that in the season 8 finale the canterlot castle get's blown up by Tirek and in the season 9 premiere they could focus on Celestia and Luna to overcome that and find a new place to stay. Grogar, who would be hiding somwhere where nopony could find him, would somehow get wind of that and think that Equestria is now weak or defensless and begin his plans to conquer it he has been working on for ages.


Well, those are my opinions on that.

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