What's your sexuality/Gender Identity?

What's your Sexuality?  

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  1. 1. What's your Sexuality/Gender?

    • Heterosexual: Interested in the opposite sex
    • Bisexual: Interested in both sexes
    • Homosexual: Interested in the same sex
    • Pansexual/Pansexual: Interested in all sexes/genders/etc
    • Transgender: Identify as the opposite gender
    • Cisgender: Identify as your born gender
    • Bigender: identify as both genders
    • Agender; Identify as no gender
    • Asexual: Interested in no sex

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I am a bisexual, cisgender male.  I strongly "sway" toward the opposite sex, but I do have some interest in guys as well. 

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Male, heteroromantic Grey-A(though with a strong tendency to the asexual side, so I usually call myself an Ace nonetheless).

Wouldn't mind dying a virgin one bit, but I'd rather not spent my life alone. It may be a little bit old-fashioned, but I'd be in for a real-life version of courtly love,  as it's often seen in chivalric romance.

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